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Hanging gave me curve (?)

Hanging gave me curve (?)

I did search (all hanger) forums on this subject and only found comments on curves to left/right.

Just got my Bib Hanger. I was hanging for about 3 weeks with a homemade one (insulation/clamp) - straight down over chair, that BTC? I stopped after I noticed a curve - not one to left/right, but one towards body. I never had this before, and am thinking it’s a result of the skin on the bottom side stretching. My erect position is almost straight up and (if I remember right), my LOT is around 10.

I’m hoping that by using the Bib hanger properly, I’ll be stretching the ligaments and correct this problem. Does this make sense? Anything special I should do? I certainly don’t wan’t to worsen this new undesirable condition.


Hey, if you’re getting an upward curve it may not be such a bad thing- you’d be getting a g-spot tickler!

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The same thing happened to me hanging with a latex noose and doing the btc thing. I still have the curve and only recently started hanging with the bib hanger. I hang for 40 mins a day, 2 x 20 in morning, 2lbs to start. What’s your routine, Keeko? Do you have any trouble with dark/cool glans?

I’m a little worried about that. Good luck!


Later . . LS


My first PE was the hanging I did with my homemade insulation/clamp. I was doing 2/3 sets of 20 minutes. I started with 2.5 lbs for 2 weeks, went to 5 for a week, then tried 7.5 once or twice. The jump to 7.5 was too fast too soon.

After quitting (waiting for BH to arrive), the curve did subside some (or maybe it’s my imagination). I’m almost positive it’s from skin stretching on the bottom side, because I noticed it bunching up. I just put on the BH for the first time, and boy, what a difference. I never used wrap before, and I can really notice a different pull - on the ligs as it should be.

When hanging before, my glands would get cold, and slightly darken. But I never felt the need to stop before my 20 minute set was finished.

I’m going to take some pictures now for reference. My plan is to be consistent, consistent, consistent - resulting in the growth I desire to make that initial skin stretch insignificant. :) Keep it up!


Keeko, hanging over a chair is not BTC. BTC is sitting semi reclined and having the hanger/weights between your legs or “Cheeks”.

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