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Hanging Gains?

Hanging Gains?

I have been hanging for 2 1/2 months, exclusively BTC, starting at 5 lbs, now at 10 to 12.5 lbs, 2-3 sets a night.

I haven’t measured (I really don’t like to to avoid the potential disappointment) but lately I’ve noted that the hanger is stretching lower than 2-3 weeks ago (I’m factoring in weight and hanger placement).

Is this an indication that I’m seeing stretched length gains? If so, will they translate into EL gains and about how long does it take for the translation to occur?


The only way that you will know for sure is to measure. I don’t measure erect length that much - maybe once a month. However, I measure my flaccid stretch every week. Gains in flaccid stretch have always resulted in erect gains for me.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

hopefully those are gains man, great job.

I currently hang…..12 lbs. I had been hanging for about 1.5 months before I saw any gains, and I attributed it to the weight. At about 10lbs is when I finally saw length gains of any kind (flaccid or erect).

My advice (even though still somewhat a beginner at hanging) is to stay with the same weight as long as you are seeing gains, because it will only be easier on you in the long run.
More weight = more probability for injury/ more hastle/ etc.

Only recently in this last week, have I been able to hang about 2 hrs. per day (6 sets of 20 min). My usual routine is 1 hr (3 of 20).
These 2 hr sessions are KILLER…by that I mean that I have seen gains just THIS WEEK.

I suggest you hang for about 2 hrs a day if you can take that kind of time.

Good luck…hang in there man.

Thanks for the response, guys. I’d like to hop to a two hour schedule but two little kids, my current job, a long commute and the need for some sleep is going to keep me on my current routine.


I have 2 little kids and one big one. I am just curious, what time do you start hanging? about how long is your hanging session?


In addition to the two little ones, there is one big one in the family — me.

I hang at 10:30 at night after the wf has gone to bed (I have not told here about my PE). I hang 2 sets x 20 minutes and a 3rd set of 10-15 minutes — all BTC. I start the 1st set with 7.5lbs and then 10 minutes in add another 2.5 lbs (I just can’t start out heavy the first set, my tally, skin and legs need a warm up). My second set is 12.5 lbs, the third either 12.5 or 10lbs depending on how I feel.

I am sore the next day, but not overly so. I typically hang 5 days, on average, a week.


Are you going to measure soon, im interested in the results?


I usually start around 9. Sometimes the kids are sleep and sometimes they are not. My wife is fully aware of the exercises so i don’t have to worry about her. I used to do btc exclusively but now I do 2 sets of ots and 1 set straightdown, all 20 minutes. For the first 5 minutes i start light then max out. 5 days a week but from now on I will hang on the weekends too, to see if maybe I can get these damn ligs to grow.


I’ve thought of telling the wf — it would allow me to start hanging earlier and thus more sets, though it would be a bit weird sitting on the couch together with a bunch of weights hanging from tally. Maybe a blanket over the legs corrects that problem. Do you hang in the presence of your wife? Others?

PE learner,

I’m not planning to measure until I hit the 4 month mark — I just don’t want to measuring to be a compulsive habit. Visually, I think I have made slight flaccid and erect length gains. That of course can be deceiving. On thing I know for sure is that my erection angle has changed. It used to point up about 30 degrees, now it is straight out.


I hang sometimes in the pressence of my wife and my son(2yrs). My oldest daughter(12) prevents me from hanging in the den. I move on monday so hopefully i will have more privacy.


I assume your wf is comfortable with your hanging in her presence and more generally. How did you broach the matter with her? What was her response?

My kids are 4 and 2 so I don’t worry about their finding out. A 12 year old I could see there being some issues.


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