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Hanging Frustrations

Hanging Frustrations

I Just finished building the Captains Wench today finally (hurray!)

My penis is conditioned from over a year of Manual Stretches and Jelqing, so it’s not like Hanging is my first PE exercise.
I’ve read everything I could on wrapping, the different materials you can use for wrapping, methods for wrapping, and of course Hanging.
I’ve decided to start low with 3 LBS using the Captains Wench.

Now for my problem. Regardless of how I wrap or attach the hanger it always slides forward over the glans. I would like to add that there is no pain exactly, but it still gets a bit discoloured and sometimes I get those annoying little spots. Now I am in my testing phase so I’m constantly checking the glans,which is hard of course because the wench keep sliding down and covering them.

Is anyone else having this problem? I can’t possibly pull the skin back anymore without tearing it off, and wrapping any tighter than I do now only cuts off circulation.
It also doesn’t seem to matter how far or close to the base of the penis I attach the hanger and clamp (with those cable clamps, as per instructions) it still slides down with the skin.
I’ve wrapped with different lengths of wrap too, so far less seems to work a bit better for me, but I’m still having trouble:P
Oh, and for the record I’m circumcised if that helps.

Id appreciate any advice at all you can give me, this is something I really really really want to start in order to progress with my PE, and I want to do it properly.
Thanks a bunch in advance


Umm , I spent more time figuring things out.found another method, it works and there is no swelling in the head.
It’s not perfect though, but I think I’m getting it:P

I’m also not sure how to delete my post.if I even can

Sorry bout that ^_^


Dude, I don’t know if your ready yet. If you can’t wrap, you can’t even begin to hang.

Practice wrapping and if you are uncut don’t even bother. Just quit now. Wait until technology achieves a method for increasing the penis size which it will soon

If you are cut (circumcised), just keep with it, practice wrapping a tight bundle. Theres more to it than just wrapping your dick, and putting on the hanger. Theres a few key steps to make sure it’s all right. Google for a vid.

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