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hanging for curve fix

hanging for curve fix

Hi guys

Yes another curving penis question, and yes i have done searches on here but not finding my answer.

Well i have read that jelqing apparently helps correct the curve.Thats all cool.

But can hanging help correct it???

My thought is that the curve happens for me becuase my right CC, yes my right,not like most pople where its usually the left, its mass and you can clearly see is less.Therefore having less blood flowing into the penis when erect thus bending to the right.

Now i thought, if this is so, then if i put stress on my penis through hanging a light weight that was stressing only my right CC then it would increase its mass like a muscle, and not have any or little gains to my left CC. This i would hope correct the curve.

I think this may work because the left CC has more tissue fibers meaning its stronger and the right CC has less tissue fibers meaning its weaker. Then it would be easier to stress the left CC more than the right and hopefully correcting the curve.

Does this sound reasonable?

I think so. Just i n case keep on jelqing against it. Also try the V stretches, except push the opposite way of your curve. I got rid of a bunch of mine, but I want to keep a little bit of my upward curve for hitting that G spot.

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Some guys experience curve correction, others do not. It’s rare for hanging to exaggerate a pre-existing, curve, however, from what I’ve read.

I agree with Harrow that you should incorporate other specific anti-curve exercises at the same time (well, not literally the same time) if you’re trying to correct it. Just be very careful not to overdo it and bust your penis!

I may be a little slow ,but exactly how do you intend to stress one side and not the other?

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