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Hanging: First heat it up, Cool-down at the end of the session

Hanging: First heat it up, Cool-down at the end of the session

Hi - I read in a thread that surgeons lengthen ligs using traction applying heat to soften and cold to cement the length.

So I am now trying this, infrared heat during the first 25 minutes of my hanging sessions and cold (ice) during the last 5 minutes (while still hanging).

Has anybody tried this with some success?

Later - ttt


I hate ice on my cock.

Perseverance wins

No buby - it’s cool after the heat :)

Later - ttt

I’ll try if your test gives good results.

Perseverance wins

I just tried twice so far but I’m going to continue and I will report my results , of course. I didn’t change anything in my routine except the ice, so the picture will be as clear as polished ice.

Later - ttt

I had not read this post as of yet, and this morning while hanging, I was thinking of how to keep the ligs in the extended state.

Well anyway, I tried this method this morning, I like it.

I have been using heat to loosen up the ligs, but would take off the heat about the last 5 minutes of the set.

So, today I put an ice pack on my ligs (susp), that should help the ligs stay longer?????

We’ll see in the next couple of months or so.

Iamhere likes to Hang Heavy use Monty's PE Weights, Jelq and Clamp

Before 5.5 NBPEL ; 6 BPEL

Current 6 NBPEL ; 7 1/4 BPEL ; 5.75 EG

A few members do that in here with pumping and clamping. They like the results.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Here is a good thread by MagnumXL:

Heat Clamping

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Hi every body,

I had impressive gains recently and I must say that the way did, is by creating internal pressure, rather than external one; so I got some 50% erection and grabbed the base, while watching my favourite porn film and keeping my hand right there as if it had been a living clump able to tighten and releasing at wish.
It works just like pumping, but it is much easier and causes no discoloration as after few minutes my hand is tired and have to release.

I am going to try manual only for the coming month.

Perseverance wins

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