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Hanging Fatigue

This is a good thread for new hangers out there.

This thread is awesome SNM. Thanks for bumping it! I highly recommend reading this thread for anyone out there thinking about getting into hanging.

I too have made the hanging newbie mistakes that most people do thinking that more weight = quicker gains but it just doens’t work that way. Now I believe I’m starting to get into real hanging the way it’s supposed to be done and this thread just confirms my belives. :)

I was just looking at some of my favorites and thought I would bump some to the top and it might help

This is a awesome read. All hangers should read this.

Two thumbs up… :thumbs: :thumbs:

I have omething to say:

I would say that hanging with moderate weights is good for gains, but the best way to gain seems to be heavy weights, and then not letting it retract by using and ADS.

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This has been a nice read, what a wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Are you still with us buddy, how are you doing?


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