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Hanging direction (angle)


A theory is just that… a theory. Not right, invalid or wrong… a theory.

2009: 5.8 BPEL 5.0 EG Before hanging.

2011: 7.7 BPEL 5.4 EG Hanging 1 to 2 hours a day with Bib starter (padded).

Goal : Length goal hit, cementing now. working on 6.0 EG now.

Originally Posted by tester123123
A theory is just that… a theory. Not right, invalid or wrong… a theory.

Theory: PE is possible by doing specific exercises,
The application of the theory led to results so the theory is right.

Regarding LOT theory, I think it was debated many times here, showing a negative trend.

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Personally, I’m working on a deep BTC angle. I find my flaccid hangs better this way, and I can get some mild soreness with less weight… In other words, less weight seems to have more of an impact here. the only issue is that with heavier weight, it often feels like things want to ‘slip’ at this angle—unless I get my attachment, wrap, & everything else perfect.

Searching for hanging angles theories led me here. Good info I think. However, I have a question about how hanging angles can affect your erection angle. Right now I have a very high erection angle while fully erect, I’d say about 60 degrees plus, and I don’t want to decrease this. The topic was touched briefly earlier in the thread, but can someone elaborate on how hanging angles affect erection angles? Is it possible that different types of hanging in these angles (heavy weights as opposed to light) will have different effect on erection angle?


I hang for about 45 minutes every day. I hang straight down for 15, to the left for 10, to the right for 10, and straight up for 10, in that order.


How do you stretch left, right and straight up with a hanger!

Earlier in this thread someone mentioned Criss Strokes. The other day I found a thread about his length. I thought some people might find it interesting since this is the hanger’s forum and the goal is increasing length.

I always thought Strokes was about 7.5 inches, maybe even 8 inches, but this thread says otherwise. h_ttp:// You can paste the link without the underscore. I think that thread really emphasizes the fact that 7 inches is long and things like lenses, girth, small hands, and guys that are skinny can skew visual perceptions.

Originally Posted by UpTo7
Well, I consider tunica gains more permanent than ligament gains because it feels logical that ligaments could return to their previous state easier and more likely than tunica. That’s better even if it takes longer.

Keep in mind lig gains are very easy to maintain. My opinion is something as simple as piss pulls will maintain 95% of your lig gains.

I hang straight down, but I stretch in all directions manually. But the last few minutes of each hanging session I gently swing the weight with a waist motion, i swing the penis front to back, side to side, and in a circular motion. This fatigues the ligs very well. I only recommend it right before taking the hanger off because the swinging action even gentle causes the hanger to start to slip.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

Originally Posted by bleach77
How do you stretch left, right and straight up with a hanger!

This is an easy one if you do Bungee cord hanging. With a Bungee and good crotch level anchor you can get any angle you want with a twist of the hips and if you want SU just create an anchor at eye level, then you have 3 more angles to use.

Combine the above with fulcrums and it’ll take hours to go through all the possibilities.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights


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