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Hanging but not feeling stretch

Hanging but not feeling stretch

Hey all,

I’ve been hanging for about a month now and worked my way up to 5.5 pounds, but I still don’t feel any stretch in my ligs. I hang SD while sitting down and I use a captain’s wench. Hanging for 15 minute sets with 10 minute breaks in between, I still don’t feel any stretch in my ligs. Is this normal? What should I be aiming for?

Thanks for your help!

It could be for you. Try hanging BTC and see if you can feel it then.

In some ways it’s positive, at least you aren’t feeling skin stretch.

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Yes try the btc angle like mems said and try going up with the weight a little and having 5 minutes break so the unit as always got strain on. When I was hanging I never needed ten minutes break give the unit a roll in the hands an a slap on the leg after 5 minutes you should be fine.

I keep hearing about hanging, but I know that it is not necessary for length gains. I stick to jelqing and clamping. Do what works though.

Thanks for all of your advice, I’ll keep trying, up the weight a bit, and reduce my breaks and see how it goes.

I just started hanging BTC today, and I felt the stretch increasing from set 1 throughout set 3. Using my own home made hanger.

17x3 (10min breaks)

For me, the big “aha” moment came when I stopped using cloth with my wrap, and used two clamps (I also have a Capn’s Wench). Cloth, while more comfortable/less irritating, always caused inconsistencies with my wrap. Theraband-only is grippier on the penis and lets me clamp TIGHT.

Using two clamps also prevents slippage and ensures you’re gripping the penis structure, not just the skin (I’m uncut, so this was a problem for me).

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