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Hanging and Pumping


Hanging and Pumping

I’m a pumper as of now, but I want to adopt some hanging too. How would one go about fitting the two together? Maybe every other day, one hanging, one pumping? Would they work well in conjunction like that?

Just don’t do both on the same day. That gets to be too much.

You will probably have to experiment to see what works best for you, but starting off on an every other day schedule sounds logical to me. Stay in the moderate range of force for both and just monitor for signs of going overboard.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I used to hang and pump every day - on the same day. I’m not sure it’d be “too much”, but rather “difficult to manage”.
You have to watch for the lymph buildup that pumping leaves. It makes hanging sting quite a bit.

What I found optimal was: Hang as much as possible throughout the day, then do your pumping/jelqing at night before bed. The lymph fluid will for the most part dissipate by the time you wake up, and following the same routine day in and day out your dick will get used to it, until you increase one or the other.


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If both your length and girth goals are just around the corner it might be ok.

If however you want to gain lots of length, it would make sense to focus on hanging only for a while.

The more girth you have the harder it should be to gain length.

Also, the girth work you do on a daily basis would probably take up time that would really speed up your length gains if invested in hanging instead.

My personal workout is to hang for a 15 minute session, immediately followed by a 10 minute jelq session and then a good 30 minute pump session. It’s great for me, but I’ve been going at this on and off for a while now.

Yah I do both on the same day. Like everyone has said - in the order of things, the Pump must occur LAST.

I hang 7 pounds for 45 minutes in the morning. I will do that same amount of hanging for a second round if I have time in the afternoon.

Then the Pump is at low-vacuum level (2-3 on the gauge) for about 45 minutes. Low-pressure levels for long duration seem to work better for me; this also prevents discoloration.

I don’t even like to think about the day I reversed the order and pumped before hanging. UGH. The lymph fluid built up behind my head that day and it looked like a grape was growing underneath the head of my cock. The moral of the story:


Wow, yeah, I couldn’t imagine doing pumping THEN hanging. Oh God, that hurts just thinking about it.

What about something that combines jelqing, hanging, and pumping? How would this look? I figure throwing in jelqs can’t hurt. Maybe 5x a week, Monday through Friday, 2 ten minute pumping and hanging sessions, alternating every other day, with a 10 minute jelq set in between? So Monday would be Pump, Jelq, Pump, Tuesday Hang, Jelq, Hang?

Like that?

All you really can do is give it a try and see how it works out for you. Here is a post I made a little while back—it describes my workout as well as toots my own horn a bit. I couldn’t help it that day, I was so pumped—literally and figuratively!!!

I like to hang, exhausting the ligs, then jelp/clamp a bit to get the blood flowing real well, and then ending with a good pump. I TRY to do this Monday through Friday and reap the rewards all weekend!

(From my earlier post, entitled something like “WOW, what great results…!”)

I’m getting from my latest routine. Over the past few weeks I’ve taken another shot at committing to PE and have started working out. I’m an on-again-off-again PE’er (jelq, stretch, pump and hang) and have made some gains over the years, but have always longed for that legendary 8x6.

So anyway, I’ve been doing a routine of hanging for 15 minutes with 12 pounds (with a hanger I’ve rigged with a swim cap wrap and some other stuff) and then going straight into 10 minutes of jelqing at about 85-90% erection, then clamping for about 5 minutes (Cable Clamp) and then going into my pump for about 25 minutes.

Well, on occasion toward the end of my pump session I’ll lay a ruler on top of my cylinder to get my BP length. I was looking and feeling huge during my workout today so at about the 28 minute mark I pull my ruler out and BAM! 8 freakin’ inches!!! I could not believe my eyes! Now granted, this is VERY bone-pressed, so take it for what it’s worth, but it’s a true way to measure since it’s so consistent.

So I end my workout by coming out of the pump and getting a good solid erection to make sure I’ve got the blood going at its maximum level. So here I am holding a cock that’s measuring (since out of the pump) close to 8” and a girth of close to 6.5”!!! I must say it was an incredible feeling and put me on top of the world. Of course I know it’s not permanent, but it’s days like this that motivates me and everyone else out there.

It may sound weird, but I just stood in front of the mirror and stroked it, feeling like a porn star! It was great! And I hope this little note can serve as motivation to others as well! I can’t wait to get the opportunity to get some pics to post!

(By the way, I normally measure around 7.25BPx5.5)

I hang for (2) sets of 20 minutes and then I pump for (2) sets of 10 minutes. I jelq in between the pumps for 5 minutes. Following that, I sometimes will clamp for (2) sets of 10 minutes. I have had NO negative PI’s. It’s all in what you can handle: There is no right or wrong answer.

I agree with 10 inch - you CAN do it, and there’s nothing inherently wrong or damaging about it. The only problem is that the hanger easily becomes uncomfortable to attach due to lymph fluid buildup, and in the case of jelqing because of damage to the soft tissues.

If you’re wincing through sets and/or not tightening the hanger as much as possible, you’re going to lose the real benefit of that 20 minute set. Why not make it easy on yourself and just hang first?

Might I also recommend baby powder and manual stretches if you decide to do more length work after the pump session?

These routines that combine jelqing and pumping and hanging are insane to me. If you’re jelqing and pumping the right way, even a day or so after the jelq/pump session hanging is going to be a lot more uncomfortable than it would be if these excercises weren’t even part of the routine. Why jelq and pump anyway? Go for the length first. Why not substitute those minutes spent jelqing/pumping for another hanging set? These “kitchen sink” routines are more about the practitioner working harder and not smarter, in my opinion.

I only did it because I was insecure about my size when meeting my current partner, so I’d pump before visiting. I’ve hung my way into a permanent “bump” in length that the pump provided.


"HALT! This is a no-turtle zone."

5/14/09 - BPEL 7.0" BPFSL 8.25" EG 4.5"

1/1/10 - BPEL 7.5" BPFSL 9.0" EG 5.0" - GOAL

Why you ask Lostracco? The answer is that it yields results. And, I have NEVER had a hanging session following jelqing and pumping in which it has been uncomfortable. I don’t know where you got that from.

But - Results at the expense of what other results? Hard work usually DOES pay off. Smart work pays off more.

The smart PE’er would do all their length first (for which hanging would be the best excercise) then at the desired length switch routines or possibly combine the pump.

You’re trying to tell me you can’t tell the difference between hanging after pumping 3 10 minute sets and hanging with a limp flaccid that hasn’t been pumped or jelqed in days?

Your tolerance to the pain/discomfort might be great enough that hanging right after a pump/jelq session doesn’t bother you to the point where it could be considered an issue. In which case, congratulations. I’d challenge you to try it without the pump/jelq first though, and notice the boost in hanging comfort.

This difference for me and many guys is the difference between effective and ineffective hanging. If the hanger pinching lymph-swollen skin is going to make you reduce below your maximum/ideal weight, for example, you’re reducing the effectiveness of your hanging program in an effort to ease the discomfort on the skin from an excercise that doesn’t align perfectly with your goals anyway.


You *can* do an assortment of excercises and lots of guys do. But is it necessarily the smartest way to add length at your optimal rate? No.


"HALT! This is a no-turtle zone."

5/14/09 - BPEL 7.0" BPFSL 8.25" EG 4.5"

1/1/10 - BPEL 7.5" BPFSL 9.0" EG 5.0" - GOAL

As I mentioned earlier…

Dropping pumping for now will give you at least two more hang sets per day, which may be just what you need to gain efficiently.

What if you`re hanging at a level now where you are slightly below the potential where you really start gaining?

Unless you do PE full-time and have all the time in the world, that is at least my opinion for what it`s worth:)

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