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Hanging and Jelq

Hanging and Jelq


I’ve been Jelqing for quite some time now.. And woud like to add Hanging to the routine.. How can Iincorporate this procudure to my current Routine? Should I say Jelq in the morning and Hand at night or Jelqing and Hang on alternate days? Or shoudl I jsut completely switch to hanging and ignore Jelq for the time Being..


Depends what type of hanger you want to use. If you already have a hanger right now but never used it, there is a HUGE learning curve that sucks up the first two weeks. Afterwards it is free and clear, so you make up for lost time. Everyone has a learning curve with haning, some just much shorter as they figure out wrapping, toe-in and out, etc….

Also while hanging, you should really jelq in between sets to restore circulation. That is almost a must to make sure everything is cool still.

Hanging really requires privacy, while everything else is slightly easier to get finished barring crazyass circumstances. Make sure you have the privacy and the time to put into hanging before you buy anything.

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Thanks for yoru reply.. Ihave already bought the hanger.. Now trying to implement it with Jelq.. Now I am jsut wondering how do Iintegrate them together.. Day nite? Alternate Days? To have the best effect and gain..


Well, I wouldn’t jelq right after hanging.. You could do one in the morning and the other at night, or just on aternate days each one.

My observation is it’s best to hang, then jelq.

If I jelq prior to hanging, it’s difficult for me to get a good bite with the hanger (a standard BIB), and I spend too much time wrapping, rewrapping, and reapplying the BIB. This is due to engorgement from the jelqing process.

My suggestion is hanging a couple sets, then move on to your manual methods, clamping or pumping.

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Can anyone help me too.. It hasnt had too many replies, and I´m thinking about adding hanging to my jelg routine:

-Jelg in the morning (50 - 70% erection) and 2 seconds long.
-Hanging at night

Sounds good for lenght gains or too hard?

Anyone experienced in this?

If you are using a Bib style hanger you are going to experience some skin soreness and normal jelqing may compound the issue. So, you may have to forgo normal jelqing altogether and jelq behind the balls. If you jelq behind the balls you won’t have to unwrap between sets and increasing skin soreness won’t be an issue.

If you must jelq then I think you will find that doing so before your hanging session will leave you too engorged to properly attach your hanger. I would leave it for another time during the day.

Personally, I would only jelq behind the balls for circulation between sets and leave it at that. But, that’s just me.

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

Why? I can´t understand it?

Jelq and hanging can´t work together?

Originally Posted by Amigo25
Why? I can´t understand it?

Jelq and hanging can´t work together?

Been hanging well over a year now with a little over 1” BPEL gains. I light jelg inbetween sets and then do a full jelg session after my last set. Hope that helps

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