Hanging and Head

Just a couple quick questions.

I hang in the morning before I go to work, since it’s the only time everyone else is asleep. I don’t have a lot of time to wait for my damn dick to go soft, so I just jack off real quick. Instead of taking about 30-45 minutes to get the hanger on, it takes 10-15. Do you think this has a big impact on gains? I’ve heard conflicting answers on this..

Also, my head can get pretty blue sometimes, but I haven’t figured out a way to not have that, while tightening the hanger to have a good grip. When I take off the hanger after the 20 minute session, it always returns to it’s normal color though. Am I internally fucking myself up, or is this okay?

I’ve been around on Thunders for a couple years now on and off but just started posting so couldn’t put this in Hangers forum..

Also, is a large stretched flaccid gain increase a positive sign?