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Hanging and driving?!?!?!?

Hanging and driving?!?!?!?

Ok, I have thought up another idea.

I have a large sedan and enjoy going on drives all the time on the interstate late at night. I just got into hanging too. So make the best of both worlds.

I have my Bib Hanger and an elastic hooked tie down strap you would use on the trunk to hold something too big for the trunk of your car.

Well it might be more of a strtecher contraptions but, her goes. Take the Bib Hanger and put it on after the wrapping is done. Then take a strap with the hook and put it on the end of the s hook at the end of the Bib Hanger(R). It is hooked under your dash board on the edge for securing.

The tension of the length of the strap will give you the desired pull, I guess. In theory you could use more straps for a stronger pull.


OK why don’t you just hook the strap hook to the gas pedal or better yet the brake. Wait here’ an idea take the weights and throw them out the window that way you can hang and drive at the same time.. Too bad you don’t have a retractable steering wheel.

I can almost see it now after you power through a stop sign in the wee hours one night.

Officer - “Sir please step out of the car”,… Sir step out of the car please”!

TT - ” uh, sorry officer we have a problem here”.

2nd Officer - ” he has a gun “

TT - “No wait”

Then the new ad campaign ” Don’t hang and drive”

Zep ….. LMAO!!! :jumpers:

TT - I’ve tried the ADS on long road trips and occasionally I’ve had to pull over and get the damn thing off in a hurry and sometimes that’s not always convenient! It can also be a bit wicked because if you push the gas pedal you get that little extra stretch … :) … speed can get addicktive!

Drive safely!

lil1 :-pink:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Maybe it will be seen on a new episode of COPS! When you see this really tall dude with his face blurred out you’ll know its me!


I’v done the driving hang with tube type theraband connected between hanger and shoelaces. Set it up loose for walking (wear baggy pants). And yank the band at the foot end & tie up tight for driving. I tie the foot end into a knot that i can pull out easily in case something goes wrong. If i get into an accident, lets just hope we can get the rig off our units before we become urban legends. this works, but my fish scale estimates only about 5 lb hang.

Hope this helps bud

Why not!

The pump guy, Monsternuts, like to pump while he drives, and sometimes does it wet, I believe. It sounds like he’s monstrously nuts.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams


Hey Zep, VERY cleaver.

TT: It’ll be intersting to see what the truck drivers think when they pass you and look down in your car, particularly if they’re in a PeterBilt. Happened to me when I was on my honeymoon and my bride was giving me a bj. Truck passed us on the and gave a real big tug (hmmm) on the horn.


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