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Hanging After Deconditioning Break

Hanging After Deconditioning Break

Hello Thunders Place!

This is my first time posting, so I had to post this thread here.

Anyway, I’ve been a member here for a year and some change now and I greatly appreciate all the information this website has supplied me with. I never really posted because most of the time and can find what I want, but this time I couldn’t find anything. If this has already been discussed, I apologize for making a new thread. Here is my story:

I have been doing PE since June of 2008. I started with an EL of 6 1/2 in and an EG of 4 1/2 in. After three months of the newbie routine I had an EL of 7 in and an EG of 5 in. That’s when I reached a plateau for girth. I tried to achieve gains for 2 months and nothing. So I took a decon break for a month and tried again, but still nothing. I tried intensifying the pressure of the squeeze and I tried the jelq squeeze. Since nothing worked, I decided to take a longer decon break than before and work on my length. So I worked on length for a month by doing manual stretches. Unfortunately, I didn’t even gain 1/16. I was starting to give up until I came across the wonderful world of hanging. I read every ones success stories and got a little more encouragement. So I decided to try hanging with a routine of 2 on 1 off with a weight of two pounds, two times a day and a set of 3x15. I even used an ADS with the hanging. After only three weeks of hanging I gained 3/16. I was very, very, very happy. The only thing was I had to go away to school and I had to stop all PE because of the lack of privacy. I stopped for five months and wanted to start PE again.

So, now I want to start hanging again but didn’t know if it was a good idea to start hanging right away with a low weight of a pound or two, or do some stretching for a little while. IMO, my penis is pretty strong so it can take a little more of a workout. I also know that this is a turtle race so I am prepared to be patient.

So if anyone with experience in hanging can help I would really appreciate it.

My personal opinion is that you can restart from hanging, just with a low weight. Welcome aboard and congrats for gains, by the way.

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