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Hanging 4-5 hrs a day exstreme bib style

No gains at 20+ pounds, 5 to 7 hours a day, for 7 months? Damn!

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout

No gains at 20+ pounds, 5 to 7 hours a day, for 7 months? Damn!

I’m not surprised.

I wasn’t surprised either, just disappointed!

Originally Posted by Andrew69
I’m not surprised.

Why are you not surprised?


Did you ever feel fatique?
How much weight did you use?
Has you ever talked to BIB?
What is your LOT?

Originally Posted by Dino9X7

Are you hanging with the bib, I think the bib is excellent for lig stretching but when I come back to hanging I will be trying the wench to maximise tunica potential. I don’t think the bib because of it’s size can really stretch the tunica.

Hi dino,

why do you think the bib hanger is not good for tunica hanging?
I dont understand this.

I wasn’t surprised because deep in my mind I knew the medical research shows , body parts nead to be in traction 24/7 to grow. But I got sucked in by bib and the board! I’m sure whatever method you use will stretch your liggs if you put in the hrs, but to actually grow more dick, I think 24/7 is the only way it would happen.

Why does you dick get fatter then when it’s not holding blood 24/7 ? Because your stretching the chambers to hold more blood, your not growing anything new in my opinion!



It’s to big, the starter might be better but the bib was designed to pull on the ligs while distributing the stress to the whole penis for safety. But in doing this I don’t see it stretching the tunica all that well. Don’t forget bib made most of his gains with other home made hangers some were noose style hangers that aren’t worth the risk because of the dangers. When he made the bib he was pretty much done hanging. As far as I’m concerned I have got most of the lig gains out. When I go back I will built a wench and give it a try to stretch the tunica. Simon if your lot is high try the bib and hang down.

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Hey cyber,

Other than this thread, I can only find two posts from you about the bib hanger.

Bib - Bib Hanger Feedback

cyberstud25 - overtightening?

Give us some more detail of your hanging routine. Like what angles you were hitting, were you feeling fatigue before you moved up in weight, what did you use for wrap, any slippage problems, what was your lot before you started, why did you think that you had maxed out your lig potential before you started hanging, etc.

Also, please refrain from comments like “But I got sucked in by bib and the board!”. Both the board and the hanger are tools and it seems to me that you may not have taken good advantage of either.

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Every angle ots so btc and over each leg, moved up weight after I could handle the amount I was using without feeling the bad ass burn, zero slippage lot was 7-8 O’Clock! I feel I maxed out my lig potential because I gained 1 and a 1/4 inch in 6 months with the penis stretcher, then wore it for another 8 months with zero gains, then I tried the trac man at 5 hrs a day for 6 plus months and had zero gain, I’ve tried jelqing for 6 months and had zero length gains, Now the bib for 5 to seven hrs not counting breaks for 7 months with zero gains!

Remember I tried it and did it by the book , so I have a right to my opinion on bib hanging!
Hey if I did the bib hanger before anything else, I would most likely gained that inch and a quarter. I my whole point here is that this was a business venture for bib, with a product that works.But I also believe he added 2 inches to his results because he knew he had plans to build and sell this thing long before it came out.

Why didn’t I call bib out on this while he was here?
1 he would say I’m entitled to my opinion and then deny it.
2 the post prob ally would have been removed ,since no one wants bib to have to deal with this.
3 I know he gives good advice and has helped thousands on here and could possibly leave the board with another member firing shots at him.
Do I think bib hanging works as good as any other device for the ligs, sure why not?
But I think the 4 plus inch claim, the lot theory and some other stuff we’re used to drum up future sales!

My opinion, thats all!

Maybe you moved up way too fast in weight and just toughened your ligs up instead of riding the fatigue with the lowest amount of weight possible, as you should have. You could have posted a lot more and shared your lack of progress experience to get some input from the other hangers here.

On your opinion of Bib, you have stated what you think and have a right to do so, but don’t cross the line and start bashing him or his product. Your experience is one man’s experience and you are far out numbered by the people who respect him and made good use of his product.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Hows saying it’s a good product bashing him?

The tunica would have grown though!

It’s pretty simple if you go by the results of pe doctors, they say on avg growth is 1 inch to a inch and a half because thats how much is normally held in by the ligs! So at some point after yrs of trying you gotta give it up and say I maxed my ligs out!

I love my bib hangers :) .


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