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hanging > ~12 lbs (~5kg) uncut

hanging > ~12 lbs (~5kg) uncut

I’m uncircumcised and am not able to gain with any weight that I am able to do hanging with a vac hanger. I gained a little in the beginning, but then I spent over a year at the max my hanger would do (~12lbs) with no results and little fatigue.

I am desperate for more length, but feel that my dick is too strong to grow from stretching, ADS, or hanging at the weight I was doing before.

Do I have any options that don’t involve a lot of discoloration and steep learning curve? I have heard the Bib is difficult to get going on. But I have an extremely busy life right now and little opportunity for spending ages just working on figuring out how to use something. I also have become averse to discoloration and really want to avoid it as much as possible these days.

Am I asking way too much? Are there any options out there for an uncut fellow who wants to be able to hang in the neighborhood of 15 lbs without a ton of hassle?

You don’t spend ages learning how to hang with the Bib. You spend ages refining your technique with the Bib discovering better ways to wrap, attach the hanger and angles to hang from.

It’s a bit trial and error yes, but you usually get better as you go on with your routine. For discoloration you can try the firegoat roll after sessions; “firegoat roll” discoloration prevention, control, and removal

And you can even visit Bib’s forum on his sales site. Just google it if you don’t already know where to find it.

Viking, are you uncut and do you not have discoloration? Did you get the Bib before trying vac hanging, or were you also interested in the Bib because of inadequate load capacity on vacuum devices?

Uncut, some discoloration but you get used to it. Try doing the fg rolls as linked in my first response, did not do them in the beginning when I hung, wish I had as it seems to help quite a bit. Haven’t tried vac hanging, only the Bib don’t remember why I chose it, but it seems to have a higher success rate, gaining wise.

No Gains

Hi to all,

Need help deciding what direction to take or do for length gains!

After hanging for 9months BTC up to 12lbs and having a lot of 6, Have not seen any erect length gain, except for a little flacid gain.

Do I stop BTC? Do I need to take a decon break before switching to upward angles or not? And if not at how many lbs do I start with? Would appreciate some information!

I don`t understand why hanging uncut would be any difference from hanging cut. I think it`s a comfortable rationalization some people use since hanging in fact is quite challenging to learn and they erroneously blame their foreskin for their lack of success.

For me, learning how to hang properly and attach the hanger took me quite some time, but from what I`ve read, that varies from person to person. I have also read that some people find other hangers easier to use. I only used the Bib. Even when I know how to hang, it is a time consuming process. Do not start this unless you know you can pull it off.

Based on what you`re writing, I`m thinking that hanging is not for you right now. Consider manual stretches.

Good luck!


Renholder, are you circumcized? Uncircumcized people do not have as much area to which they can attach traction devices, as much more of their skin is able to “roll” up onto the glans.

@sentii - Did you also jelq while you were hanging? Also, how many sets did you do everyday?

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Yes I jelqued, though only about 10 minutes per workout day because I have never really felt like a get a whole lot out of jelqing. I generally went for about 10 hours a week of hanging, usually 2 hours per workout day broken up into 20-30minute sets.

Thanks sentii, that is what I was just about to ask you. My hanging gains had more to do with time in the hanger than amount hung. I needed 3 hours/day dedicated to hanging to get my 2 hours/day in the hanger. I am cut and used a Bib.

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Originally Posted by sentii
Renholder, are you circumcized? Uncircumcized people do not have as much area to which they can attach traction devices, as much more of their skin is able to “roll” up onto the glans.

No, I`m uncircumsized.

I understand the frustration with getting hanging right, but I don`t think you can blame it on your foreskin.

Read my post “How I attach the hanger”. I had a breakthrough when I wrote that.

When hanging BTC, a lot of the tension was absorbed by my skin. When I started hanging SO, I had major issues since skin was no longer a limiting factor. I realized that I had not attached the hanger properly at all. This forced me to actually learn how to hang.


I’m uncut and hang 12 1/2 pounds straight down with no foreskin issues.

It’s all about how you wrap and adjust the hanger.

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