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Hey guys … What do most of you use to hang with, and where did you buy your hanger and weights? I have yet to use any homemade device that doesn’t hurt my dick by pinching. $120 for the bib hanger is quite a bit of money! and whats this $85 starter kit? I am also getting inlightened regarding wrapping. Anyone who can tell me how to get started with a quality hanger and weights with around $50, please post. (If thats even possible?) I am looking for something I can hang off the front on the seat while I drive to work, since that is the only time I have to do this. I have hit a plateau in length with jelging and stretching only, and seems to me the consensus with everyone is hanging weights will get me past this stopage of length gains I am experiencing.

Hanging while driving? You got to be kidding?

Sorry Officer my hanger twisted and I was just tightening it, I didn’t see the car in front of me……

Seriously get a BiB, it’s the best out there, or make your own. The only thing I would consider using while driving would be some kind of elastic stretching device.

You did say that you’ve been jelquing and stretching, did you do that while driving too?

And think of a collision, with a ten pound weight attched to your dick. Gives the term whiplash a whole new meaning.


Save that fifty dollars, then save another seventy for you’re dick. Why pinch pennies when you’re talking about you’re dick? This hanger is designed to not do exactly what you’re having a problem with.

Bite the bullet.


Well you guys are sure making me laugh lol… I never thought about how hanging while driving might sound to you guys, but you got to understand.. My commute consists of about 20 - 30 minutes of going an average of 5 - 10 mph…congested road way.. and as long as I got everything set up well and comfortable before I leave, do my drive, then when I arrive at work (which is in the dark in front of a construction site and I am always there about an hour before everyone else) I can take it off.. I mean I’m not saying that it is a totally feasible method, but it’s all I got.

No I don’t jelg while driving but I do stretch once in awhile, see I always were shorts so it’s pretty easy to reach in on one of the legs and give it a good pull.. thats how I plan on hanging too, just hang it out my shorts, and just un hook it if I get stopped or have an accident…

So anyways what I’m hearing, is just buy a bib hanger huh? Because homemade ones just hurt to much, or I just suck at making them…

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