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Hangers - What are your routines?

Hangers - What are your routines?

I seem to be having some problems settling on a routine that I really like and feel confident in. There are so many variables; weight, time, angle, daily schedule, weekly schedule, sex, etc.

My main question here is: After any warm-up sets, do you increase or decrease the weight in your sets?
Do you feel that one is better than the other and why?

It is not necessary to read on.

I do feel strongly that hanging is working for me however I must confess that I have been keeping track of a measurement which I believe has not been telling me the whole story. I have been keeping track of my pumped length at 5” Hg. This measurement is consistent to less than +/- 1 mm. Based on this measurement I have gained around 0.5” in pumped length during 2 years. I have not been keeping track of my BPEL because I cannot get a consistent erection when I push a ruler against my pubic bone. I do believe that I have made gains in my EL based on how my wife reacts during lovemaking. I believe that some of what I have gained in pumped length has translated into EL, maybe 1/8” inch. I’m a hard gainer but happy I have gained (which was a big concern of mine during my first year of PE). I also believe that this is a slightly conservative measure of my real gains as I am not as lean as I was 2 years ago.

I have begun to measure BPEL and BPFSL in addition to my pumped length and will begin recording them in the PE data base once I measure my EG without any effects of pumping/hanging. I pump very little, just a little before sex.

My PE efforts have been yielding gains but I am trying to determine a more efficient routine; one that will give me more consistent gains.

For instance, a month ago I was hanging SO, increasing weight from 10 to 15 (5 sets) for 3 or 4 days on and 1 or 2 days off depending on fatigue. After two weeks I took a pumped length measurement and was shocked. It jumped almost 1/8 of an inch! Even better, I still have that gain. All my previous small gains came quickly after breaks of 2 to 3 months, say 3 breaks total in 2 years. So this was my first “in-routine” gain! It really added to my confidence in PE.

So again, please answer: After any warm-up sets, do you increase or decrease the weight in your sets? Do you feel that one is better than the other and why?

Congratulations on your gains!

Whether I add or subtract weight depends on the level of fatigue—I sometimes have to add weight to go ahead and get there. Many times after I get to fatigue I back off a little.

I think your doing fine. Your measurement of your length while pumped is probably as good or better then any other way of measuring because you’ve got a controlled condition. What I do is measure during hanging SO. I find that to be very consistent. Erect measurements just aren’t very consistent for me and I don’t trust it. I measure one finger thickness above my shaft where it meets my pelvic which gets me just above the spread of Ligament attachment area and onto the flat of my pelvic bone.

What I wonder about is your 3 to 4 days on and 1 to 2 days off. I believe that when a time period of more then 12 hours or so lapses it gives enough time for colgin to form and heal some so that your gaining strength in the ligs. Could be the reason your not having consistent gains on a monthly basis. The healing cycle for ligs is said to be in the area of about 100 hours but sometime somewhat shorter then that there is some healing going on. That healing time cycle is different for different people. The point I’m trying to get at is that your rest periods could be working against you. So in light of that you might want to try using an ADS during those off times.

As per your question. I hang heavy enough to get to fatigue then back off a couple of pounds. Some days I reach fatigue very quickly and other days not so fast. Many days I just keep on the same weight throughout my sets. So you just have to go with the flow. Between sessions I try to keep my peweights on as much as possible. Then when the next heavy hanging session comes around I haven’t lost anything, and my weights don’t have to increase. I have used rice socks during the first half of my sets, but lately I’ve been trying out hanging cold to see if my gain stats change. Unfortunately my routine has been so interrupted lately I don’t know if where I am.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Hey Monty.(or anyone) here’s a scenario.. I am going home for a week soon and I know I won’t have enough time to perform my usual 100-120 min PE routine (all lengthening routine). I am going to try to PE six times during the week. Do you think just a 20 minute set once a day would be good enough just to keep the ligs stretched so they don’t go back to their normal state and I lose length? ( 20 min. A day- 6 days that week). Do you think it would be a good maintenance routine because I am real anal about losing my gains and I haven’t quite tried any maintenance routines.

(Also, during the summer when I’m home, it will be the same situation, I won’t have enough time during the day to do a good PE workout. Would this routine.or what routine.. Would be good to use throughout the summer/ 2-3 months / so I don’t lose anything-not so much trying to gain anything- just trying to keep what I have throughout the summer until I get back to school next fall and have the ‘alone’ time I need to do solid workouts. Any recommendations?)


Well, looks like my post was hijacked, no problem, seriously. I am a very happy man. The lack of responses indicate that many either misunderstood my question or do not have a strong feeling about their routine. I plan to continue to increase the weight in my sets much like in bodybuilding. Pyramiding would be nice but I do not have the time.

But in response to Monty530,

Thanks for your input. I will measure and record my length while hanging SO at say 15lbs. Sounds like a good measurement to me. As far as my days on/off, to be honest, it is the best I can do. I workout as often as I can allowing for PI’s (Physiological Indicators, which I totally subscribe to) . Sometimes I wake up at 4:30 AM and hang or stay up until mid-night and hang.

I do use a homemade ADS. I believe in the theory that keeping the ligaments in a lenghtened state promotes healing at a longer length.

A question about your weights, what do you feel they are attached too? What percentage tunica and what percentage skin? How long can you wear then. Can you wear them under jeans without any bulge (I don’t want a bulge. To me it’s like a push-up bra on young girls).

I wear PE weights all day, getting most benefit while standing. No one has stared at my pants while wearing loose dress slacks, and my waist size is 36. It seems to pull thngs straight down.

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