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Hangers: Theory of Operation

Do you have another experiment up your sleeve to deduct the weight being borne by the skin?

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by kristian69
Yes it twisted, And I tightened it till it hurt without stopping the twisting. Every time I attached the weights the penis rotated inside the hanger.

When your penis twists inside your hanger you’re no longer hanging with lateral compression. This means there will be pressure ontop where you’re nerves are. The discomfort or pain which results from tightening your hanger pressing against the top is very distinct but will fade in a couple minutes once you start hanging because your nerves can’t handle the stress. Always stop when you feel pain and you have to make sure there really is not too much twisting before you attach the weight. In my case I know if the twisting is less than 30 degrees I can hang safely.

You should read the AFBhanger thread again if you decide to start hanging again with an AFB.

Originally Posted by mgus

Of the hanger? I will take some pics and see if I can figure out how to post them here.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Does that mean it’s a noose? I’m not being judgmental, I just want to understand. Does the strap make a loop around the back (dorsal surface) of the penis just under the glans?

No, My extender has a noose type head fastening piece, The head piece I use for hanging looks like the head piece on the PM, It has a wide strap instead.


It started twisting when the weights was attached, It always twisted.

I am a little scared of using the AFB again, I am waiting for the new hanger/clamp/extender headpiece from MB.

Before this thread slips into oblivion, I thought I would share some of my own ideas/theories as to how hangers work. Some of the anatomical details are still a bit foggy to me, but here’s the best I can do for now. This post applies only to hangers designed to be applied low on the penis, such as the Bib, the Wench, and the Redi-Stretcher. It does not apply to noose-style hangers, or those that grip the glans or the area just proximal to the glans.

I believe that hangers work by forming region of compressed tissue. The compressed tissue consists of skin, superficial fascia, lymph, and blood. It may also include portions of the CCs and CS ahead of the hanger.

Proximally, the compressed tissue forms a ring or shoulder on which the leading edge of the hanger sits. Distally, it forms what I think of as a “donut hole” within which the glans sits. When the arrangement is working, the hanger does not push forward over the shoulder, and the glans does not pull backward through the donut hole. Since the glans is firmly attached to the tunica (which in turn is anchored to bone within the body), the glans forms a hard stop.

Mechanically, it works like this: The hanger is applied. Weight is applied. The hanger slides forward, extending the shaft and forming a distal plug of compressed tissue. The plug reaches the glans. The glans nestles into the donut hole and pulls back on the plug. Equilibrium is reached when the pressure in the plug reaches a level that prevents the hanger from further advancing. Weight from the hanger is then transmitted though the plug to the glans. The glans then pulls on the tunica, and you’re done.

In order to form the plug, the hanger must pull forward skin and fascia from the shaft. To the extent that the skin and fascia resist being pulled forward, they create a resisting force, which subtracts from the force applied to the tunica.

In order to prevent prolapse of the glans (i.e., the glans pulling back through the donut hole), the glans must be relatively incompressible. Here is where I have had problems with these devices. If prolapse occurs, the skin continues to slide forward. This causes excessive skin stretch, discomfort, and pain. It may also cause the hanger to slide off altogether. I believe users of these hangers must be very careful to maintain adequate internal blood pressure in the glans. Too little pressure and prolapse can occur.

Too much pressure can also be a problem. Eventually, all users of hangers may reach a point where glans pressure becomes uncomfortable or worse. I suppose, in the extreme, blood vessels may burst (in the glans or plug) and tissues may rupture.

To combat the problem of excessive pressure, counterpressure can be used. I have successfully used Xenolith’s HTWs to relieve the discomfort. I suppose a tight condom (or an innertube) could also be used.

One more thing, and then I’ll stop rambling. It’s possible that the distal portions of the CCs are really part of the plug. Rather than the glans pushing back through the donut, the distal parts of the CCs pressurize and stop the advance of the hanger on their own. Possibly it’s a combination of the distal CCs and the glans.

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MM, I’m sure a lot hangers if not most start out using the glans as a way to stop the hanger from sliding off just like I did because it looks only logical. However this is not how you’re supposed to be hanging. Sure it works with lower weights, but when you increase the weight your glans turns rockhard from the pressure and turns purple with some bloodspots to go with. Why hang like that risking injury if you can tighten just some more and hang without any pressure on your glans?

kristian69, the only way to prevent twisting from adding the weight is tightening more before you add the weight and tightening it while hanging if the stretching of your tissues reduces the tightness.

I can see why you would be reluctant to try your AFB again because what happened must have been pretty scary.

Piet, I simply don’t think I can do what you suggest. When I tighten the hanger, it doesn’t seem to grip the internals as you suggest. It holds on a little, but then slides forward once the weight is applied. The skin slips very easily over the tissues beneath it.

If you can get the hanger to hold, how do you do it? Does the hanger not slide forward at all once the weight is applied?

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You can get your BIB hanger to hold better. It took me awhile to get it but it does hold and at 20+ lbs. I currently hang with around 10 lbs and my glans sometimes is absolutely flaccid and there is virtually no risk of it sliding. The hanger has never dangerously slipped. I rarely have the dark purple, rock-hard glans thing going and if so I stop and restart making sure that the hanger is tight. I wrap differently than most people and I think this has alot to do with the grip on the internals.

I use Kling under Theraband. I have tried many underwraps and Kling feels the most comfortable. I also use my noose ADS as a “third hand” when I wrap. This allows me to get a real tight wrap. If the glans swells I make sure that I can drain it by squeezing. Sometimes it is hard to pee with the wrap this tight. If it is too tight I remove it and start over. I adjust the BIB so that when the upper teeth completely mesh the hanger is as tight as I want it for my max weight. For lighter weight I tighten it as much as feels comfortable. After a few warm up sets I can tighten the BIB all the way down. Another important step is to squeeze the blood out of the glans while tightening the BIB.

If you get it right you will know it. BIB said that tightening the hanger in this way actually improves circulation.



Do you wrap all the way to the glans? Do you wrap over the glans? From here it looks like you’re using the wrap to supply the “counterpressure” I refer to above. If the wrap is tight enough and extends up far enough (to or over the glans), then the “plug” cannot really expand. As it starts to form it presses against the wrap and can expand no further. Force is then transmitted through the shaft to the glans. The glans is pushed forward and pulls the “internals” with it.

Let me know if this makes sense to you or whether you think something else is going on.

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I wrap Kling a little ways over the glans and wrap Theraband up to the glans.
I see your point about the plug and I agree that some wedging of tissue is involved in this area and this probably assists in keeping the hanger from sliding forward. However, given that most of the time my glans is soft I do not think that the “glans plug” is carrying much of the load. I think that having the hanger adjusted properly and then tightening it properly is what takes the load off the glans.
I have tightened the hanger to the point where I feel resistance on the wing nut. I also put a light weight oil on there so it does not bind.
While hanging SD and SO I palpitate below the hanger. I can feel bundles of the suspensory and fundiform ligaments. Sometimes they are tighter than other times. I haven’t figured out how to control this yet but I think that it has to do with tugging on the glans while tightening the hanger.

How I wrap:

1) Put noose ADS on, loop the leg attachment over the door knob, lean away to stretch penis horizontal.
2) Using 3” wide X 18” long piece of Kling, start just below glans and make one complete wrap, loop next wrap about 1/8” above coronal ridge on right side of glans, loop next wrap about 1/8” above coronal ridge on left side of glans, finish wrapping insuring the shaft has enough coverage.
3) Using 22” silver Theraband, start just below glans, continue to wrap overlaping 3/16” - 1/8” toward base.
4) Apply 1” - 1 1/4” Scotch tape to hold Theraband at base.
5) Remove noose.

How I attach the hanger:

1) Lay penis in the hanger and close hanger such that the shoulders of the hanger are 3/8 to 1/2” from the glans or on the second Theraban wrap.
2) Begin to tighten the hanger. Insure that skin below hanger is lose. Squeeze blood from on glans while tugging on it during tightening.

Hope this helps,

Great description SLI. I don’t know that the glans actually forms part of the “plug.” It may just be the “stopper” against which the plug sits. Still, in my experience the glans has to have at least slightly elevated pressure for the arrangement to work.

I know I must sound like a broken record by now, but I simply have not been able to get my hanger to “grip the internals” like you and Piet describe.

Have you ever tried wrapping short of the glans, say, no further forward than your circ scar? Does the hanger stay put under those conditions, or does it slide forward?

My point is that the skin is so damn loose that I think some “wedging” is required. I would be convinced that someone was truly gripping the internals if I saw a hanger gripping very low on the penis (close to the base), with no wrap ahead of the hanger, no skin stretch behind the hanger, and no compression of the tissues ahead of the hanger. So far, I’ve never seen that. Has anybody else?

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Have you ever tried wrapping short of the glans, say, no further forward than your circ scar? Does the hanger stay put under those conditions, or does it slide forward?

A long time ago I wrapped short of the glans but forward of the scar (just like BIB desribes in his product info). I recall that slipping and skin stretch was a problem. This was before I experimented with various underwrap materials and got help from BIB on hanger tighness. I will try wrapping/attaching short next time I hang which may be Thursday. I am interested in this as well.

I just started fulcrum hanging (last 4 days). I did this because the fatigue I was getting from my “multi-angle” routine went away. So now I am using fulcrums on SD and SO. I do not use a fulcrum on BTC. I feel fatigue while hanging (as usual) and hoping that the ache/soreness will last more than a few days. So far so good.

A thought occurred to me about blood in the glans. I could be exaggerating the effect but since blood in the glans is channeled through the CS and I have my BIB adjusted so the pressure pads are oriented like this /0\ then it would seem like trapping blood in the glans and CS would be less likely than if the pads were oriented like this |0| or like this \0/.

Incase you wonder why I am not on the forum that much it is because I hang while laying in bed watching TV. Most days I log-on between 5 and 6 and stay on for an hour or two.


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Interesting pics, MM.

Don’t they all look as if there is a lot of weight being carried by the skin? It would be interesting, as mgus noted, if we could measure what percentage of the weight was carried by the outer skin.

I haven’t used a grip type hanger but always suspected that the friction coefficient between the internal parts of the penis and the external skin would be too low to make them effective at stretching the internal parts.

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