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Hanger's positioning?

Hanger's positioning?

How critical is the placement of the hanger? For instance, does it matter if the hanger is in the middle of the penis? I figure if the goal is to stretch the ligs, it doesn’t matter. It is more comfortable if I place the hanger in the middle of my shaft instead of just above the head.

Thanks for info!

Think about it. Your question is really does it matter how you load a Cantilever beam? The answer seems obvious!

differential loading will produce differential values of strain on your ligaments!

So yes where you hang and the angle at which you hang is key, it will surely depend on what structures you want to target? The degree to which it will matter is another question.

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Only three things can support a hanger: skin, head, or the “internals.”

Skin is fairly self-explanatory. Some might say, “Hey dude, I’m hanging 30 pounds, look at me!,” as if that’s a point of pride. Try plucking up the skin behind the hanger. It should be relatively loose all around. If it is taut it is supporting part of the load. Note that at times during a hanging regimen, skin may be stretched intentionally, the purpose being to create enough slack so the hanger can later be attached in a way to avoid skin support.

The head. In general, pressure in the head shouldn’t be supporting very much weight, though it can help a little.

The “internals” are where you want the majority of the load. The “stopper” at the end of the hanger is the blood-filled ends of the CC’s.

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