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Hangers - Do you have hair up your shaft


I’m gonna get the one-touch home electrolysis kit soon and give that a go. I’ve got quite a few hairs on the shaft by the base and odd hairs all over right up to the glans. I’m gonna tweeze tonight. I’ve been using pfb vanish for a month in preparation. I’ve got one REALLY stubborn ingrown hair that’s been there for 6 months and I’ve lost all hope of removing it. I’m not sure even if it’s possible to get rid of it even with the electrolysis but I’m sure as hell gonna try! If anyone has had any success with this I’d like to hear about it.

Hairs on the shaft? Yes I have. If you don’t like that and still want to try hanging, the sole alternative is to use a vac-hanger I think.

Well I only want an inch more (Only Lol) but I could deal with an inch of hair. Plus yep that electrolysis may be a good solution too.

Yeah I saw a thread in the main members section recently. I guess in a year or whenever I’ve finished with PE I’ll do that, I mean after all it is just normal skin being pulled down from the groin region isn’t it so with the hair removed it will look normal unlike the turkey neck underneath.


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