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Hangers Chair

Hangers Chair

Does anyone have any good ideas for a dedicated hangers chair? Here is the problem….

I use my office chair (home office :-) obviously) and in order to get serious BTC positioning (with the pelvis up and flat as possible for max lig stretch - according to Bib), I’ve got to not only put my feet up on my desk like a chick getting a pap exam, but in order to get the flat pelvis, I’ve got to flex up my pelvis (using my stomach muscles and they get fatigued) and I just can’t hold it for more than a few minutes at a time…

So I was wondering what solutions you guys have come up with that will keep the pelvis flat and allow the weights to hang down through.

In my mind a table with a notch would be best, as you could have your pelvis flat as you lie down flat on your back and have the weights hang through a slot on the table…but then where would you keep that! Oh that…uh, oh…that’s a table saw top…uh, yeah, that’s it….a table saw top…

Some guys have tried putting a hole in their chairs to allow for lower-angle (if not exactly BTC) hanging. I haven’t seen any great success stories, though :)

To hang BTC, I used to lie my torso on my bed, all the way down to the butt, and rest my feet up on a stool at the end of the bed. With a couple pillows under my head, I could read from that position. Now if I were to hang BTC-ish, I would probably just slouch as far back as I could in my office chair as I work at my computer.

yeah, that’s what I’m doing, but to get the absolute best lig stretch, you have to have your weight as close to or over 90 degrees to your pelvis (basically perpendicular or more)…and the only way I can do it is to prop my legs up on my desk, lean as far back as possible and lift my pelvis….. but it is too difficult, so I’m trying to figure something better out….

I sit on the edge of a bath, do you guys find the chair a better deal for angle?

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