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Hanger shown on David Suzuki’s “Phallacies” program

Hanger shown on David Suzuki’s “Phallacies” program

I was wondering if anyone has used the hanger shown on David Suzuki’s “Phallacies” program?
A guy who had lengthening surgery demonstrated it. It had a black cap that went over the glans, and then a small vacuum pump/syringe was attached which pumped out the air, so it gripped the head.

It looked pretty safe and might be better than something that clamps on the tubes of the penis, no crushing of the penis.
Though it might really put some stress on where the head joins.

Anyone used it or knows what it was called?

Sounds like the $$$ “Grip System”. $$ $$!!@#$! Cha Ching Cha CHing! Never heard of this show….is it on some satellite channel or what??

It was a one off show that talked about men and penis size. Place of size in history, and attempts at enlargement.
I saw it some time ago maybe even two years ago. It was memorable because the weight that was to be attached looked like a stainless steel cylinder maybe 2.5” round and I think weighed 7 or 12 lbs. Suzuki said something like ” Wow that’s pretty heavy”.

It also showed an older couple. He had ED and used a pump to pump up the penis then a cock ring to trap the blood in the penis. I remember he said he could pump it up to just about any size he wanted.

That’s about all I remember but the show started me thinking about PE.

I have a vacugrip and it grips the head by vacuum. You first cover your head with non sticking sports wrap (This wrap sticks to itself and not your skin). Then your install what they call a protector sleeve on. This is like a condom but much more heavy duty. Then you intsall the grip chamber and velgro ring just behind the glands on the shaft. Insert the tube and pull a vacuum. It can hold lots of weight and gave me what I consider to be an perfect stretch however I could only stay in it for 40 mins max because dispite the fact that you have protected the head with a wrap and contact sleave the head still goes cold and numbess starts.

However most stretch session I had in the begginning were great but after 3 months of using it my skin underneath the penis started to always get in the way and my lig stretches all become skin stretches and other times the sleaves would wear out and burst right when I held weight applied. The hole device was riped off my head and it all would happen so fast it would not only scare the shit out of me but felt like a huge bandage being pulled of my penis.

But when set up correctly the vacugrip was an effective holding device but I have now found out since being out Thundersplace that anything griping on the glands is dangerous and I do believe that I was loosing some sensitiivy in the head. It was just a sense at the time but now I now it was true.

I now have a Bib Hanger and I’m still experimenting. I believe there is a correct positon and setting for my new hanger but I have not got it yet, Where as the vacugrip was spot on the first time I put it on but its effectness did deminish but I suspect that’s because of the skin greating struck. Hence I have moved on to the Bib.

Soooo.. was the overall tone of the show pro or con PE?


I have not seen the show, but from what I’ve read it was not primarily about PE. It was about the “phallus mystique” in Western culture. Here is a review of the film with information about how you can rent it (for too much money IMO).

Westla is right only those couple of segments had anything to do with PE.
I don’t think it gave a strong bias of either pro or anti PE, just that some men will go under the knife and possibly risk injury etc to attain maybe as little as an inch more. Maybe the size issue is of perception.

The guy who’d had the surgery was happy with the result.

It also had some interviews and talked to a group of guys, about 1 was happy with his size, from memory.

Thanks Gentle Mr J on the feedback on the vacugrip.

I also saw the show a few years ago,before PE for me.I too also wondered twobeercans,about the product.But as always you can find out anything about PE and related issures at Thunderss,and its amazingly free!!


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