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Hanger or Starter for me?

Hanger or Starter for me?

Hey Bib. I get paid next week.. so I’ma gonna order a hanger from you.

I know this question has been asked to death, but whenever I click the search button, my browser crashes.

So at least I have a good reason. ;)

I’m 6.1 x 4.8.

What do you suggest? Hanger or Starter?

Same Here - measurements

I got them both because it was difficult to hide getting it, I bought both. I use them both and alternate 2 bib hangs to 1 starter hang. There is a different feel to each of them and the starter seems to enable more shaft stretch and the bib more of a stess on the base.

I had the same measurements as you and am up 3/8” so far since April.


Well, for you, it is a toss up. In this case, I always recommend the Starter. First, it is cheaper, and second, the learning curve will be much shorter. You will begin productive hanging faster than with a regular.

With a regular, you will have issues with your girth, trying to find the correct type and amount of wrap, etc. Placement of the hanger will be tougher. With the Starter, you will require less wrap, and have more adjustment possibilities immediately.

The regular will hold more weight, but the Starter will allow you to hang a lot of weight. It should serve well for a long time.


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