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Hanger info, Vets answer please

Hanger info, Vets answer please

First off I am going to give all my current information of what I am using and my routine. I am hanging and am using a Bib Starter, and theraband. Wrapping the theraband around an inch down from the head. And put the bib starter on and I latch it on top. And screw it so it’s tight and won’t slide as bad. Testimony before I give my problem. In 2 weeks I have already gained almost 3/8 of an inch in length, Pretty freaking awesome. I am hanging a gallon of water right now. Which is 8 1/2 pounds I think.

Now when I get a full erection, It is starting to go to the right and not completely straight, not horribly bad but definately noticable. Is this because it is stretching the left ligs more then the right? And any advice and how to equally balance the weight to pull on both? I tied a shoe-lace to the milk jug handle and hook the bib starter right into that to try to make it as even as possible. But don’t know if thats the reason. Any advice is definately appreciated. Thanks

Try to make it as even as possible. If you stretch more to the one side, then it will definitely have an effect.

I am, any advice on wrapping or attaching the hanger would be appreciated

Note to everyone, Be careful when you sneeze while you hang, lol, it can be hazardous

I have noticed this too. I go more right now than before I went straight. I really don’t focus more on one side or the other. I heard a theory that is is due to what hand we master-bate with. Hwhen we hang and the penis heal it is weaker and the masturbating may cause the erection to go one way or the other depending on which hand. It could also have something to do with the side you place it on in your briefs it will heal that direction.

I have heard that too. I try masturbating with my left hand now but my right hand feels a hell of a lot better ;)

lol ok thanks guys, anyone got any advice though on how to hang comfortably and effectively while sitting? havn’t a hard time

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