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Hanger help

Hanger help


I’m after a bit of hanging advise (yes I have searched with no luck) as my questions are a little more specific.

I intend to start hanging and wanted to purchase a Vac Hanger because from what I can see, it’s the easiest to use. However, the new model is going to be a few months away so I have three options - Wait, use a modified homemade hanger or buy a BIB hanger.

I’m happy to wait but I’m likely to have some time off work soon (surgery on my arm) and would quite like to spend this private time at home getting some quality hanging in, so if I can get something sorted sooner, then that would be ideal.

So here’s the deal - I bought the Platinum Autoxsleeve kit which comes with an end cap with a hook and three sleeves. I cut a third off the red sleeve and attached it to the end cap. I then attached a piece of short elastic nylon rope to the hook on the end cap and tied it to a small 5lb weight.

All is fine apart from the fact that I get a really hard and sometimes painful “pinch” at the very tip of my head. I’m convinced (after searching Thunders) that this is due to there being no air hole in my end cap. So I’m sure that I need to drill a small hole to let the air out.

My questions are:

1. Will drilling a hole solve this problem

2. Does the hole need to remain uncovered the whole time or do you let the air out and then fold the sleeve back over it? (This will determine where I need to drill it).

I am really sitting on the fence at the moment as to whether I should mess around with this homemade device or just go and buy myself a BIB hanger. All I want is something that is easy to use and effective in it’s application.

If I intended at some stage to hang at higher weights, is the BIB hanger better at this than the Vac Hanger?

I’d really appreciate any help here!

Many thanks!

The Bib has a huge learning curve, but is better for hanging heavier weights. I didn’t like the discoloration and skin soreness, so I switched from the Bib hanger to the vac-hanger and liked it a lot more.

The Xsleeve isn’t designed to hold that kind of weight. You are likely to get a water blister or skin irritation on the tip of your glans if you continue.

1. No, the Xsleeve is not a vac-hanger.

2. The only reason the vac-hanger has a hole is to push the air out before hanging. You don’t want air in the cap or it will fall right off. With the vac-hanger, you squeeze all the air out and then cover it will the sleeve to seal the vacuum. The vac-hanger cup is larger than the Xsleeve cup, so it can work like this.

You could always try making a DIY vac-hanger. Try another search!

Thanks RandomGiant.

I think based on your comments that I’ll hold out for the Vac Hanger version 2. I like the apparent ease of use and the fact that wrapping is not required.

In your opinion, what is the heaviest weight a Vac Hanger could handle? I’m just interested as a gauge.

I agree that the Xsleeve isn’t designed to hold the kind of weight I’m looking at, but it was my understanding the the Vac Hanger used a thinner sleeve whereas the sleeve that comes with the Xsleeve is in fact thicker and therefore tougher. By cutting this and attaching it to an end cap, I thought it would work as a suitable hanger. The weight so far is fine, but the issue is the pinching at the tip of my glans.

Basically I’m trying to understand the differences between a proper Vac Hanger compared with using a modified end cap with a hook attached by a modified Xsleeve. In principle they look similar, but I appreciate there are probably massive differences between the two.

As you say, the vac-hanger cup is larger than the Xsleeve cup, which is probably why the Vac Hanger cup does not have this “pinching” problem.

I know of a couple guys who can hang past 20# with it, but everyone is different.

I didn’t buy any of the tougher Xsleeves myself, but I think they are too stretchy even though they may be thicker. There are a variety of sleeves for the vac-hanger, red being the strongest I believe.

The problem with the Xsleeve endcap for hanging is that it only covers the tip of your glans, putting all the pressure right to the tip. You could try paper tape to help a little, but I doubt you could get that far. You need something that will cover more of your glans. I’d seriously look into a homemade vac-hanger for the time being, I’ve seen several successful versions. If you do this I’d buy the constriction sleeve from MB, the extra padding over the glans definitely helps.

I’m actually using the toughest Xsleeve (the red one) as the blue and yellow are too stretchy, however I don’t know if this is any different to the red vac-hanger sleeve to be honest.

You’ve hit the nail on the head with my problem though in that the endcap only covers the tips of my glans which is why I’m getting the pinching problem! I did try some tape and it worked OK, but it wasn’t great. That’s why I wondered if drilling a hole would help, but it’s obviously not a problem with pressure, but more to do with the surface area of the cap.

I’ll have a search on here for a homemade vac hanger to see me through for the moment whilst the new Vac Hanger comes out.

Anyway, thanks for your help, it has been very informative!


No problem, good luck!

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