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Hanger for uncut guys

Hanger for uncut guys

How do I make the grip of Captain Hooks Hanger not fall off?
I’ve been using 2 erasers for the grip and when I put it on my foreskin just slips it right off.

Is my only choice the vacuum hanger? But the max it can handle is only 6lbs.

Vacuum hangers can handle lot’s more than 6 lbs. I think you are referring to MB’s recommendation of max 5 lbs for the VacExtender? Max recommendation for VacuHanger is 10 lbs. Actual max weight possible? Totally different story.

regards, mgus

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I am using the Simple Vacuum Hanger where you find a cap from a bottle of shampoo and tape your foreskin over it as an ADS.

Are there any other like specific ADS for uncut guys like me?

I tie the Simple Vacuum Hanger to my waist and it works pretty well but from time to time I feel a soreness on my foreskin. Probably because of the tape.

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I think it depends on how much foreskin you have really. I can Bib hang with foreskin retracted ala a ‘cut’ guy, because I don’t have anywhere near glans coverage. Do you?

Also, it could be a problem with the quality of your hanger.

I would recommend circumcision. I had mine done 15 years ago. No regrets—best decision I ever made.

That’s a bit extreme.

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