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Hanger Feedback

Hanger Feedback

I was looking through Tom Hubbard’s website when I got the idea to make an “AFB” type hanger from wood. So I got the supplies from the hardware store for about a dollar and put it together. I hung five pounds and could hardly feel it. I feels much better than my PVC hanger except for the long bolts digging into my leg (I have yet to cut them down).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has tried an “AFB” type hanger. Is there any serious risks of injury with this type, more so than normal?

I’ll try to attach a shitty drawing of my wooden hanger, so, if it works (this is my second time trying), let me know what you think.

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What’s the width of your hanger? Only a narrow AFB like sticks could be dangerous because it puts to much pressure on a small area of your shaft.

It does look more like a wooden bibclone though ;)

The one I made like that didn’t work out, but I learned what not to do. :)

The oval shape inside was a bad idea. A very slight oval would probably be ok, but my dick would “squish out” top to bottom beyond the oval and get pinched on the flat part when I tightened.

Having to completely unscrew the wingnuts was a hassle. I suppose you could attach a hinge, shimmed out to get proper spacing, on the bottom. Then carve out a U so the top bolt can swing into place ala the Bib and AFB designs. But then you’d be back to a basic AFB (which worked better for me).

For homemade, I prefer the modifed Bib - the one with the separate insert.

>Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has tried an “AFB” type hanger. Is there any serious risks of injury with this type, more so than normal?

Mine was ok with light weight, but couldn’t grasp the internal structures nearly as well as a production Bib. AFB’s serve some guys well, so it’s a YMMV thing. Just be careful how much weight is supported by the head. Too much can cause problems.

Piet: I used 1”x1” stock. It’s on the smaller side, but it doesn’t feel too small.

Hobby: I thought about the squishing effect while I was making it, so I made sure to leave plenty of room (about 3.5in. between the wingnuts). This made the hanger very bulky though, looks like a caveman designed it. The wingnuts are a bitch as well.

Thanks for the responses.

With a width of 1” you will be able to use a lot of weight before it’ll get discomfortable.

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