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Hang Time

Hang Time

Hi there, I have been hanging for about a month now and would like to hear what others have to say about what I have been doing. I have so far managed to hang almost ever single day except maybe for a few rare occasions. I have managed to progress from one hour to two hour hanging workouts. I usually am able to hang for about ten to fifteen minutes before requiring to take a break and I maintain a constant weight of 4lbs throughout. I was wondering if it is important to be able to hang for even longer periods of time, as I have difficulty going past the 15min mark. Also I am thinking of raising the weight slightly as I do not get much fatigue in the ligs any longer from 4lbs.

If your penis isn’t conditioned enough to go for 20 minutes then why would you increase weight? Are you using a bib hanger or what?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I am considering increasing the weight because my ligaments are no longer feeling fatigued from the hanging at 4lbs. I usually stop at about 20 minutes because my skin starts to feel uncomfortable. I was wondering if it was really important that we be able to hang past 15 minutes for each set, as my skin is quite comfortable during that period. I also prefer to keep hanging sets shorter as I dislike the feeling of the glans getting cold, so I try to pause to get some blood flowing.

You need to hang with enough weight so you start to feel fatigue about the third set after about 5-10 minutes into it. Each set should last 20 minutes. You only want enough weight to reach the fatigue state. If you don’t use enough weight then you will only strengthen the ligs. Once you see you feeling where you can’t complete a 20 minute set you start to back off your weight, and only then do you back off.

I would say since you have been only hanging for only a month you are just stretch the skin and nothing else. Try to work your way up over 5 lbs and see if you can start to reach fatigue. I use to use golf weights for smaller weight in between the 1 lb weights.

If you say that having too light a weight might cause a strengthening without lengthening, then might it be better for me to increase the weights and maintain it at 15min sets? I do believe i get more than a skin stretch as I can feel the soreness deep under the the tissues where the ligaments are.

Stick with 15 minutes if that WORKS FOR YOU. Hell, do 10 minutes if you want to!

It is the daily total that matters.

If you theoretically needs 6X20 minutes (120 minutes), but want to do 15 minute sets, you simply hang 8X15 minutes.

The obvious disadvantage is that you need to hang two more sets, and thus, you will probably waste some more time because of attaching weights, jelqing in between sets, etc.

Anyway, you would probably need to raise weight, but don`t rush it. 4 lbs will most likely not give you any gains if you stick with that in the long run. Increase slowly. 1-2 lbs per week.

You need to reach fatigue. How do you know that you reach fatigue? When you feel that the weight is too heavy in the middle of the set or at the end of the set and you need to drop weight because it is uncomfortable(not because of the attachment).

On the next set you have to lower the weight relative to the previous set, etc.

What hanger are you using?

Just know that hanging is not a magical exercise. You would probably have to hang a minimum of 4X20 (6X15) 7 days a week to achieve consistent gains.

Many guys are better off just stretching.

It would suck to hang just below the “gain threshold” for a long time and not gain.

Thanks for all the advice Renholder, I just had a hanging session just now and managed 20 minute sets pretty well. I guess I might be getting more used to it by now. I’m still trying to differentiate between the attachment fatigue and the weight fatigue and will try to be more conscious about it. I just got a couple of golf weights, so I will probably play around with those over the coming week.

I’m currently using a Wench I built together with the coban wrap, it is about the most comfortable combination I have found so far as I found the cloth and then terraband wrap a bit cumbersome. I’m actually waiting for my order of scuunci hair bands to come. I’ve managed to find a good level of hanging in terms of blood flow to my unit and my glans remain quite sensitive and just a little bit towards the purplish side.

I’m still working on the SD and BTC hanging, and I have already noticed a slight change in length though I haven’t measured it exactly as I am trying to figure out a consistent way to record my gains, I just realized that there is a great potential for parallax error when measuring using a ruler.

I’ve been jelqing and doing stretches over the past year or so without much focus, usually only working for about three months, its been a very busy year and quite a messed up time of my life as well. Things started getting better about the end of last year so I started off with a newbie routine and just begun hanging this year. Thankfully I am able to get in at least two hours of private time a day at night to hang so I’m really trying to stay consistent at this. Hope it works out!

Renholder put it about as plain as someone can explain.

All my experience is with a Bib hanger, not a Wench. When you start moving up in weight, say over 15 lbs) that’s when your wrap and type of hanger become more important. I started off using the Bib starter but later changed to the regular Bib because I didn’t like the small grip of the smaller hanger.

Try to use an amount that will bring you to get totally fatigued doing 3-20 min sets with the last set being the hardest. You might even have to drop down a little on the last set. I would only break for 10 minutes between each set.

Good luck

4X20 minutes daily would probably be enough to gain in the long term as long as you are getting daily fatigue.

Don`t worry if you are not getting fatigue today. Work up to it slowly. You will be thankful that you did.

Actually, when achieving fatigue, you may even experience that you won`t be able to hang with your old max weight for several days because of the cumulative fatigue.

Consistency is the clue to success in this game. Set up a routine you are comfortable with in the long run.

Good luck!:)

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