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Hang Time

Hang Time

I have read some conflicting posts. Some posts say to hang only for 20 minutes maximum. I have read other posts that say to hang as long as your helmet doesn’t turn dark purple? With SD or SO hanging, I am able to hang for an hour or so before slight soreness sets in at 12.5-14 pounds. Any advice on hang time? Thanks.

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Dude, stick to 20 minute sets maximum, you might just get away with longer especially if you’re well conditioned as your post implies, but sets longer than 20 minutes can give bad problems in the long run. Do sets of 20 minutes and a rest period of 10mins between each set. Also, you may be able to use more weight by cutting set time - like you say 14 pounds is fine for an hour but you could split that hour into three sets and use more weight per set, that way you are doing more work.

Remember to restore circulation between each set - random massaging and slapping against your leg would work good for this. This is so the tissues get fresh blood and nutrients and other stuff they need to stay undamaged.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions just ask and ye shall receive the answer via me on behalf of the almighty PE gods which give us gains.

Good Luck

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