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Hang standing or setting?

Hang standing or setting?

Kinda new to hanging, and have been hanging with 8lbs while standing. Would I be better off to sit, or should I continue to stand?

I do both, personally. Plus I hang bent over to target the tunica more directly. You hit multiple angles this way.


And if I understand right, you need to streatch the ligs on top first, and then the tunica?

I hang sitting which allows for a lower angle on your SD hang. I have tried standing but you can feel it is a different stretch. Both ways seem to be affective but I don’t think it is very comfortable to stand with you legs slightly apart for your set and just do that, stand there. If you move around a lot you will swing and possibly cause damage. If you can take standing with a weight between your legs for 20 minutes each set then go for it but I just find it easier to sit and watch television or play a game or something and let the hanging do it’s thing.

Dangling between the legs isn’t fun. Your limited in your movement capability just like sitting but things can get out of hand and the concentration necessary if you do move is just more stress then I want to deal with.

Kind of like sitting where your pinned down, I like to stand and use a Bungi cord. Then I’ve got a cordless keyboard and mouse so I can carry on work while I’m hanging from a music stand.

This allows any kind of angle you can think of except SD, although you can get BTC if you throw your leg over the cord. Whew! What a stretch.
Over the Thigh is as easy as twisting your hips and SU hanging is akin to Over The Shoulder, you just place an anchor about eye level for the Bungi and your set.

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Try flexing your abdominal, it gives that extra stretch. If you haven’t tried it already.

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