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Hang near head or base?

Hang near head or base?

I’m sure this has been asked many times before, but I couldn’t find it… so… is it best to hang near the head or base of the penis?

I ‘find hanging near the base much more comfortable. But I’m after gains, not comfort.

jay in cali

Well it depends what you want to do.

You never really hang on the actual fireman’s cap of your dick.

By placing up towards the base (root) you wind up stretching skin. Skin is needed to stretch first before any real progress can be made. A sensation one must become used to also.

I suggest reading the faq on the Bibhanger page at the bottom for this. Almost all questions will be answered, read it a few times. Some stuff sinks in later.

Placing further down is more for chasing length a bit later on.

s is assuming you have a Bib like device. I don’t know if this applies to other home made hangers like Hubbard’s Afb.

attachment point


Keep in mind that the Bib hanger “orginal” is 2.75-3.00” inches at the skids. The starter model is slighty less.

If your flacid stretch length is 6 inches then you should have roughly 1.5 inches on either side of the hanger to work with.

Now given the fact the suggested optimum hanging attachment point is aproximately one inch between the gland with the front edge of the hanger. Consequently you should really not have much of a difference when hooking up the hanger. Granted there is a difference however not that much and your adjustments should be in terms of fractions of an inch.

One other thing to consider,

You need to hang hundreds of hours to lengthen your dick so try be as comfortable as possible while performing this work.

my hanger always ends up drooping and butting up against the ridge of my head. I think this has caused an increase in the size, or at least the downward angle of that area. It is slightly uncomfortable and numbness sets in after the 15 minute point, but its fine once I take off the weights.

Is this ok? I hope this wont cause long term damage.


Fuel you might be hanging or wrapping wrong, I don’t think numbness should come into play at all while hanging. Maybe some vets of hanging can give you more info on this subject.


Numbness = Bad!

If your glans gets numb at any point during hanging, STOP! Continuing may cause nerve damage.

Do you squeeze all the blood from the glans (head) when you attach your hanger? That’s important.

Let us know what type of hanger you are using and we may be able to suggest methods to help you.

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Are you still trying a wrap free hang?

IMO it sounds like the Bib hanger is either too loose or you may want to back it up a tad along your penis.

One of the principles of hanging is to have the hanger gripping the internal structure of the penis. Granted there is going to be a little droopage due to the sheer weight of the hang however you need to keep the hanger away from the area in question.

So, if you feel confident that the adjustment screws are properly set for your dick and the wrap is not an issue then try backing up the attachment point a fraction of an inch.

I’m currently hanging with a cloth wrap followed by theraband strips.

On my intial cloth wrap I overlap my gland aproximately one half to three quaters of an inch. Then I roll this small section back toward the base and wrap the first theraband strip directly over this section. This creates a firm section just behind the gland area that allows the Bib hanger an anchoring point so to speak. And also protects the back ridge of the penis head and related nerve bundle. I then continue wrapping several more sections of thermaband to the base.

Let me know your thoughts.


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I’m using the standard BIB hanger. I alternate different wrap methods, because none of them seem to work quite perfectly. Most of the time, I just use a cloth wrap, but once in a while wrap a theraband strip over it.

Another question: can you get good gains with lower weights? I started off with 10 pounds (2 weeks ago), then 13, and reduced it to 8, which is what I’m sticking to for a week or two. I seem to get a decent pull at the ligs, but I don’t get that all-day soreness that I had when I first started stretching.


In order to get that “all day soreness” you need to increase the stress usually with more weight.

I went as high as 35 pounds for a while then decided to mix it up with ADS, straightout hanging, over the leg, and squeezes.


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