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Guess What? All Problems Gone !!!

Guess What? All Problems Gone !!!

Hi guys! Like many of you suggested, my initial problems with hanging would disappear very soon! And they did! Tonight I am going for my 4th day of hanging.

I am doing 3 sets of 20 min each with 10 min breaks in between. I am using 2.5 lbs (I know, not too much but I just got started….).

It feels great, I mean, I can’t wait to jump into my next session in a few hours. It is a nice feeling when you hang the weights, I like the stretch, it’s great.

I have one question however: even though I am being able to take the blood away from my head, it appears to be inevitable for the head to become cold towards the end of the 20 mintues. Is this normal? Because I just can’t manage to avoid that. It gets a little bit cold, but after a few massages and slappng between the legs once the sets are over it gets back to normal. I am not worried, just curious.

thanks to all of you who helped me !!!!thanks bib!



Congratulations. If your head is getting cold, try reducing your set times down to 17 or 18 minutes and if you’re doing fine for temperature there, then add on the minutes over a period of weeks/months. Cheers!



It’s ok for the head to be a little cold after 20 minutes as long as it ain’t blue. Just make sure you massage your buddy to get the blood flowing and he’s all nice and pink and warm before you start again. I always get my dick a little fluffed between sets.

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