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Got my first lig pop- hanging 2.5 lbs!

Got my first lig pop- hanging 2.5 lbs!

Hanging all day as a PE newbie has turned out to be great. As always, I started hanging at around 9 AM with 10 lbs. straight out for only 2 sets- I could not handle more. Went to 7.5 for 1 set straight out- I could not handle more. Hung the rest of the day with 5 lbs BTC until around 4 PM when I was too fatigued to do more. I just went down to 2.5 for my first set and 15 minutes into the set I got my first lig pop!

Let my experiences be a lesson for everyone hanging (especially newbies)- you DO NOT need high weights to make progress. Get fatigued and drop down right away to see if you still feel it at the lower weight. If you do, stay at that weight until fatigued and drop down again, etc. My theory is that less weight for a long time is better. Granted, most of you cannot hang all day like I do- but the point is not to go up until you absolutely have to. I personally do not want a lot of weight hanging off my dick until it is necessary for further growth. I think 3 sets of 20 min BTC at a given weight is a good indicator.

Tomorrow I will start with 7.5 lbs. and ditch the 10 for a while, as it is too much for right now- but being new I wanted to push it and get up there with the vets. Now I know that was a ‘classic’ newbie mistake and I have to check my ego at the door. From now on I will ‘listen’ to my dick instead of trying to reach higher weights quickly. IMHO there is absolutely no reason to go up if you are still feeling the ligs pull.

Does this make sense to you guys or am I off base. Thanks for any input :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

lig pop

I have no idea what a lig pop is but it sounds bad to me. I am a newbie as well just started yesturday. I have a long way to go but hoe to some day have 8” x6” yea right haha. I am now 6” x 5” do you all think that my aspirations are out of the relam of realism?


>Does this make sense to you guys or am I off base. <

That is about the best description of the perfect way to do it that I have seen. As you pointed out, most guys cannot hang all day, so they have to push the weight a little to get to fatigue. For your situation, this sounds great.



If you are going to hang, you should research ‘lig pop’ with the Search function.

I think with a lot of hard work and good internal potential you could realize your goals. An inch of girth is usually a tall order, but some guys have it in them.


Your comment was one of the cornerstones of Tom Hubbards hanging principles. Once you past a max weight milestone it’s gone.

Tom believed that like you realized there is alot of benifit in not rushing up in weight but rather sticking at a certain weight increment even when you are not absolutely feeling it to the max.

As long as you are feeling the pull thats a good sign.

BTW where is that old fart anyway it’s about time for him to shake things up again.


I have been reading through the old forums and read a lot of his posts- he seemed pretty inventive. I have never been to his site, maybe if he thinks the same way I do it may be worth visiting- although most of his threads I have read from the ‘early days’ seemed to indicate he was giving up hanging. I have only gotten backwards to page 38, but those old posts have stuff in them I would never even think to ask about until I had been doing this a long time :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

you mean

Tom is the next closest thing to a legend in the hanging and PE scene as it gets. While I took my lead from guys like Bigger, Phat9 and others they were inspired my Tom . A while back he made a move away from hanging but in more recent times it seems returned to his intial vision of hanging as the way to go for PE.While nobody but Tom knows for sure that’s my read on things.

Best of luck to you.


hey ronald,

Welcome aboard the good ship hang alot!

I started out at a similar size as you are now and currently measure your goal size and then some on the length.

If has been an interesting adventure to say the least.


2in2, like BIB mentioned that the average person cannot hang all day. 2 hours total takes alot of sacrifice for me with my busy schedule so you would find most hangers will have to rely on the heavier weight to reach fatigue. I sure do wish that I could hang at least 5 hours per day. So I personally keep the weight high and the pull on the ligs tight and careful to get to my rare fatigue state. I am now at 22 lbs for 1 set per day to keep my unit fatigue feeling. I dont know what it is but my unit sort of adjust to a weight after about 5 mins and when I dont feel the pull anymore I add another pound to the hanger as I have a few 1 lb plates and 2 lb plates for this purpose. But on the average, I hang 17.5lbs for 25 mins. 20-22lbs for 1 set per day. All not near injury state.


Question for 2in2002


How do you hang for such long periods? It would seem to me that circulation to the head would be an issue. What type of breaks (how many and how long) do you take in between your weight changes? I am guessing you are using a Bib hanger.

My strategy has been similar to yours, in that I am trying to keep the member in a state of fatigue for as long as possible. But like others, I don’t have more than an hour or so per day to commit. I tried to hang for 20 minutes (currently at 10 - 12.5 lbs) in the morning and then when possible use an ADS to stay in the fatigue state. If possible I will hang again at lunch and then in the evening usually with lower weights and sometimes BTC. By the end of the day I usually feel it.

My problem is that I am using a homemade “Hubbard” type hanger and with this I have to take frequent breaks - every 10 minutes or so - to keep the circulation up. I was just wondering if you had any hints on this that allowed you to go for such long stretches. Or is it just the hanger?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Another question


Have you tried incorporating JAI stretches between sets? Since you work right at the fatigue level on a regular basis, you are in a good position to test how much JAI’s may accelerate the onset of fatigue during a hanging session.


I do approximately 20 min. on and 10+ minutes off. Sometimes my hang sessions will be upwards of 30 minutes if I am busy at the desk, but I try to keep a pretty close eye on the time. Initially I just start with the ‘standard’ 10 minutes off, then I take longer breaks- up to 20 minutes when I feel I need a longer break. I use hot packs all day long and gentle massage and milking all day during the breaks. I also unwrap a few times a day to look at my penis to be sure the stretch marks aren’t in too bad of condition, and this also gives me the chance to milk with oil or lotion to keep the skin hydrated and ‘stretchable’. When I am done for the day, I apply an ice pack for 20 minutes or so before I go to sleep. Right now I am using the Bib Starter and I like it a lot, but I am having the twisting problem that some others have had. I did a search on twisting on both boards and have tried everything suggested, but I think my small package is more the problem than anything. I am going to go to ‘the suspender’ for a while until I get a bit bigger. The guy that owns the company invented the grip and after talking with him I feel certain that I can get the size I need to move to heavier weights with the Bib later on. The other nice thing about it is it also functions as an ADS, so when I go back to the Bib I will still be able to use the suspender so I won’t grow out of the investment (pun intended). My personal opinion is if you are hanging heavy weights (I define heavy weights as anything over about 7.5/8 lbs) you need a Bib- no question about it. You can hang easily for a 20 minute session and it is a very comfortable device after you learn to wrap. I would suggest you ‘bite the bullet’ and buy a Bib if you are comfortable hanging the weights you are currently at :)


I have tried the JAI’s and can’t seem to get the feel for them. I used AI stretching regularly with ‘normal muscles’ on the athletes I was personal training and some of the ‘general population’ clients I had with excellent results. But, for some reason I cannot make them work with my penis. Maybe I am not pulling hard enough, but if that is the case I would rather work into them slowly as I am still pretty new and AI may be a bit too intense for me at this point. If someone could re-explain how they are done in a way that ‘clicks’ for me maybe that would help, too. A video or getting some pics uploaded from guys that are getting good results would be beneficial for everyone on the board.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

Dude your getting a Bib


Thanks for the input. I will definitely think about stepping up to the Bib. I am currently o.k. with my girth and mainly going for length. Sounds like it would be worthwhile.

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