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Good idea to hang directly after jelqing?

Good idea to hang directly after jelqing?

Well, is it?

In what arrangement have you found jelqing and hanging compliment eachother to maximum productivity?

I find I cannot hang after jelqing because of skin problems, pinching, etc.

I’ve gotten the best productivity by doing all my hanging sets first, then moving on to jelqing, pumping, and stretching sets.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

It is not a good idea. Jelqing pumps blood into your cock and when you hang it squeezes it all out. Either hang first or keep them separate all together.

Sometimes combining two aggressive PE exercises is just too much.

Yeah, avoid it if you can Zigg. Don’t invite bruising/discoloration into your life.

One thing I have done is jelqing around noon then do your hanging at night but try to wait about 8-10 hours and it’s not too bad. After doing this for a while your tunica will get sore.

For “maximum productivity” I would recommend foregoing other PE exercises altogether (except for a few minutes of jelqing post-hanging, simply to restore good circulation and maintain vascular health) during a hanging program. The more hours you can put into hanging each day, the more you will gain. Jelqing and so forth can always come later, if hanging alone doesn’t allow you to reach your goals. And as others have said, injury is quite likely if you combine jelqing with hanging.

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