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GOLF WEIGHTS & HANGING ( Peforeal Routine)


Another way to do the attachment is to use the weight of the stack itself to anchor it to the penis. In other words, anything placed between the bottom weight and the next higher weight will tend to be held there by the combined weight of the upper stack. Using this method, the weight stack could extend beyond the head of the penis, which would allow for using more weights in the stack.

I’ve posted a picture showing this method in the Member Pics section. While it shows use of the swimcap condom attachment method, I think it could be adapted to your ace bandage method.

Of course with the additional weights it wouldn’t be inconspicuous anymore.

Just some questions for those of you who where an ADS … .

ADS works by solidifying stretched ligs ( from hanging ) or by cell division ?

Does a homemade ADS with golf weights provide the same stretch as penimaster / peni-stretcher ?

ADS seems to work best for flaccid gains but el when combined with hanging.



Padlock and ADS

Hey Guys,

I have been reviewing the discussions on padlocks, circle devices, bike hangs, etc. and it seems like there are a few guys recommending them so I got myself a padlock yesterday and am giving it a try. So far, I have to say it is extremely comfortable for an all day wearing. I like it a lot. It seems to give a good strecth which is focused mostly on the skin. I am wondering, has anyone ever used this approach to make any gains. I have seen posts here about guys making good flacid gains. Is this a common observation?



Hi Guys

I’ve jelqed regularly for a 10 months a year ago and since then have jelqed once a week or so. Couldn’t find enough time daily to do it plus I got tired of jelqing. I started out at 6 1/2 bpe x 5 1/4 girth. I gained to 7 1/4 bpe x 5 1/2 girth. I now am getting back into jelqing and hanging with light weights to improve the flacid hang. I read alot of the posts and currently use golf club weights for 3 hrs per night if time allows. I keep them on with a cotton wrap and hold that in place with hair Scrunchies(?) that have been wrapped around it twice. It goes on and off quickly and easily. I check regularly for coldness and discoloration and loosen the wrap every hour or sooner if needed. So far I have gone from 3 weights to 4 and it looks like I now can add 2 more. It is pretty comfortable but unless standing or sitting on the edge of the chair doesn’t seem to do much. My penis hangs better flacid no than it did. I hope this will also improve length gains along with stretching and jelqing.

My search has finally ended.

Finally got my hands on some golf swing weights. No luck finding them at Wal-Mart for a good price. Went to my local Wal-mart and a Super Wal-Mart in neighboring city. All they had were the nylon/velcro encased golf swing weights, ditto for a discount golf store in the next town. Went to big sporting goods store in my city, all they had were swing weights with a large inside diameter. Finally, I found the doughnut-style golf swing weights at a golf specialty store. They came in red or black. Of course, I chose black, for more stealth. I bought five rings; they weren’t giving them away, paid $3.99 for each weight. (I always seem to be able to make room in the budget for PE paraphernalia.) These rings weigh 4.1 ounces each and have an inside diameter of approximately 1 3/8”.

I’m hoping to be able to try them out this weekend.

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I bougth my golf weights today at the PX for $1.29 each today tax free of coarse. I bought 5 of them. I am still confused on how to make the swim cap version. I dont get it? Any help?

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can someone post the exact name and the copany that makes the good golf weights? I want to try to get them on the net. I have searched all over town with no luck. Thanks

Hi. Concerning the golf eights, I bought 3 this morning at Walmart for 90-something cents each. I was dying to try this out at work, and slid 2 of them on, and used about 18 inches of self adhering ace bandage from the bottom of the glans down.

At first I was nervous walking around work, worrying they would fall off and I would be embarrased as hell. My pants were just baggy enough so that I couldn’t be accused of false advertising. I was taking short steps and walking a little slower. I did 2 hours on, took them off and jelqed. then put them back on afterwards.

A friend of mine glanced down as I was walking to him, so it does make an outline, so if you have jeans on, forget it.

I’m about to try 3 while cutting the lawn.

Just another Kudos to the guys here, for their clever ingenuity. Thanks a Million.


4by4 routine

HI Peforeal

I used the golf weights as a add on when hanging with the CCH3.

After the hang sets I slide on two or three golf weights (tight fit)

wrap with a 2” by 6” piece of cotton cloth behind the glands and

use a Cable Clamp to lock it in place. (can saw off the little handle).

Comfortable fit easy on and off.

Take Care 4by4

There have two great ideas that have come down the pike from these forums (I think). One was infant socks for wrapping and Golf club weights. I put on 5 of those guys and can wear them for up to 8 hours, not counting the unwrapping for taking an piss now and then. They work great. I wish I could find some of the larger ones I’ve seen in some pictures here. I’m convinced that they are the secret to keeping heavy hanging gains.

Also try using body powder instead of a lube it works just as good and the rings don’t stick to your skin as much. I’d rather be dry then greasy. Even with water soluble lubes I think they make the rings stick later after it drys off.

I did find a problem the morning after a Viagra night and that was because I was to big to get them on so I had to wait a while later in the morning to load up. I think I’ll run into a usage limit if my flaccid girth gets to big. I’m up and down all day long at work and it seemed that my ligs are actually fatigued during the day. 5 rings weigh in at 2 pounds and I think I might be able to get a 6th one on very soon.

I think these are the best ADS I’ve tried. Now if I can just figure out how to do SU and SO’s. No I guess I wouldn’t be stealth anymore would I?

I wear 2 golf weights with cotton wrap for 3 hours. My penis is in totaly flaccid state. When I put on the weights my penis is flaccid. If I attempt to put them on with even a little bit of an errection, my penis swells with blood. Is that how you wear them, or do you wear them in the flaccid state? This is my second day with the golf weights and will increase number of weights soon.


Welcome aboard. This is an interesting thread, although I see it was started by peforeal almost a year ago. A lot has been learned about golf weights since then. Like any sort of hanging it should always be done while flaccid. Hanging even small weights while erect is dangerous, you might want to brows through the hanger’s forum on this. Below I have pasted a small section I wrote in another somewhat lengthy thread concerning golf weights. You or anyone else interested in golf weights might benefit from this. I won’t link the thread here because it deals with advanced routines not meant for newbies, but the section on the golf weights may fit here. I hope this is not cross posting or anything in violation of the forum guidelines, if so mods please remove.

Taken from Advanced PE

The secret to wearing golf weights comfortably and safely for extended periods is to wear them without any kind of wrap to keep them on. The lymphatic fluid build up that occurs with all forms of PE will help you do this. The post session swelling that comes from hanging, pumping and even jelqing is caused by lymphatic fluid which gathers in the softer areas of the penis, primarily just below the glands and around the frenulum. This gathering of fluids will yield the classical baseball bat shape and in more abusive sessions, the dreaded DOUGHNUT. This condition is unsightly but fades pretty quickly with vigorous massage and/or jelqing. However, you can use this slightly undesirable effect to your advantage to help you keep the golf weights on without wrap.

DO NOT USE LUBE FOR THIS: Get in the shower, lather up with warm soap and water and put the weights on by slipping them one at a time back snuggly against the body, pulling all foreskin or excess PE skin forward through the rings toward the glands bunching up skin between the last golf weight and the head, then rinse soap off from under the weights. Dry excess water with a hair dryer to prevent skin irritation. The excess skin bunched up at the tip will do two things: it will cushion the glands from the pressure of the weights and it will keep the penis extended while micro-tears heal with a pretty amazing amount of comfort. It also keeps a slight weight tugging constantly downward on the ligs and tunica as they heal. Wear these weights as long as possible while you are awake as ADS.

Good Luck

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