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Going Heavy-----

Going Heavy-----

Just to share.

I’ve been hanging 15 lb. for quite some time now, have to drop down to 12 1/2 for my last set-sometimes depending on how sore henry is. But since I made my homebrewed starter, I’ve gone up to 20 lb without any problem. Yes, you can definetley tell theres 5 more lb. on there but, I think it has worked as sort of a shock treatment. I now have that great fatigued feeling at the end of my workout.

My workout
5 min ricesock warmup
5 min 20 lb EOC straight down
10 min 12 1/2 lb. fulcrum hang with 3/4” aluminum bar across thighs
5 min 20 lb. EOC straight down
5 min ricesock heat

I do this a minimum of 3 times - sometimes 4

As I mentioned sometime back I added pumping to the regiment. The pumping is done after the hanging.

Lube up good with KY liquid (liquid pussy LOL) go in hard as you can get

5 min. 5-7 in/hg
pull out and stroke up to rock hard
5 min. 5-7 in/hg
pull out and relax
5 min of sac pump at 10 in/hg
pump henry back up to a good hard erection and start the next set

I do at least 3 of the pumping sets after the hanging

Haven’t measured recently, but am definetely hanging better and the erections are much harder.

On a side note, when I picked the extra 5 lb. (two 2-1/2lb. at Walmart) they were only $1.07 each. Also got one of those Homemedics wrist band thingys , with the magnets in it. Seems to keep the pump up, and gives a nice tingly feeling in the nads.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share.

Happy New Year to All ! ! ! !

"If you build it, they will come".


what are your stats..have you gained?


6/15/02 started PE

BPFL: 5.25 BPEL: 6.50 Midshaft FG: 4.50 Midshaft EG: 5.0


BPFL: 6.125 BPEL: 6.75 Midshaft FG: 5.00 Midshaft EG: 5.125

I did a halfass measurement this a.m.
1/3/03 - BPEL -7.125 MSEG: 5.875
IMO measuring is a hard indicator, since dicks are like hair. Good and bad days, you know.

I’m definetely a grower, not a shower. But I’m still Tryn4more.

"If you build it, they will come".

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