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Glan Sensitivity

Glan Sensitivity

Do any of you hangers have an opinion on glan/head sensitivity with regards to ambiet temperature? i.e summer hanging as opposed to winter hanging.

I ask this because these last three weeks have been the crappiest I have expereinced with the bib. Where I live we are in our winter months and correspondingly I have felt at my coldest in these last three weeks.

I’m wondering if my slug has gone on a prolonged smoko break. Even my glands don’t seem to be as sensistive as they did in March/ April and my slug at times has been all over the place. Very uncoroperative really as far as my hanging is concerned.

Gentle Mr. J,

Make sure you hot wrap before hanging.

When I hung during the winter months, I’d actually hot wrap during my rest breaks too.

Hope this helps.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

How long are your sets?

Thanks Japp
I do heaps of hot wrapping and I also do it in my rests.

I alternate between applying heat at the base and then the complete penis in my ten minute rest periods.



My sets are 15 mins max with 10mins min rest inbetween


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