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Girth-Progress prevents Length-Progress!? Got evidence for that ?(statistics)

Girth-Progress prevents Length-Progress!? Got evidence for that ?(statistics)

Ok, it seems common sense that when you are focussing on lenght (like me) you should not have much girth or try to get some while going for it.
I mean, I understand what BIB and others say. The more tissiue you have to stretch the more difficult it gets.
But how much does girth really prevent length-gains?
When someone (with 5.0 girth) is gaining 1 inch in lenght and a different person (with 6.0 girth) gains only 0,8 inch in lenght I could live with that..
But since I want a real picture of the impact of girth on length and no subjective opinions my question is:

Are there any statistics which show a girth-lenght correlation?

(I know PE Database, but you can not get an overview about it there. Perhaps someone has >specially< analysed this theme before, since I could not find it through the search-option)

Thx, Joe.

aristocane claims he gained 1 inch length by clamping. Which is a girth work.

I don’t think you should mind these things. More tissue, yes. But what tissue? The tissue you stretch for length is ligaments. And , girth works target tunica. They are different, so I don’t think they would interfre with each other. Having an enlarged tunica won’t nake matters difficult for you to stretch the ligaments. That’s the way I think.
Good luck.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Well, I think lenght gains do not only come from pulling the penis out of the body; only at first it is mostly that way.

But when the tunica gets stronger it is more difficult to lengthen the penis, just like a baloon.

When you pull it out and it has more material at the base it is much harder to pull it out as far as with one which has less material at the base (something like that BiB said already)


Modesto Man has started a thread about this, I seem to remember that he collected data from the database.

I don`t know how to link to other threads here but if you type “length girth” in the search and look for threads started by Modesto you will find it.

Some guys don’t do girth work while gaining length. I think it’s a waste of time. The more you work, the better. That’s my view.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Voila. The data is kind of old by now but was based on a large sample size.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

WOW, what a good service here at Thunder`s!!

I will have a look at it and probably ask a few questions to it soon..

This is an area I'm interested in also (since I’m nearing my initial length goal and want to know how girth work is going to affect my continued length gains) but it seems that as soon as I post a question on the topic or add to an existing thread on the subject it sinks like a stone (apologies to Joe2 if this post is the kiss of death for this thread).

A figure I seem to have stumbled across a couple of times as regards length gains from girth work is a quarter-inch length-gain for every inch gained in girth. I don’t really have references or figures to prove that ratio correct, but as a starting point I think it might be a valuable assumption.

Although I’m still avoiding clamping I’ve started pumping to increase my base girth (I’m hoping I’ll get permanent results).

I was thinking of starting clamping at around 7.75 inch bpel hoping to finish up at around 8 by 6.

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Originally Posted by kaan
The tissue you stretch for length is ligaments. And , girth works target tunica. They are different, so I don’t think they would interfre with each other.

If you struggle through Modestoman’s LOT Theory thread you will find reason to doubt the ligament=lenght notion.

regards, mgus

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