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Girth Device

Girth Device

It seems to me that the best approach to gaining girth is Thunders Uli Thing. The only problem it is a hassel. Has Tom Hubbard or anyone else come up with a better device?


Why do you think Thunder’s Uli Thing is a hassle?

Most things in life worth having are a hassle though. Maybe that is a good thing.


I have tried using Bib’s Uli Thing also. My problem is that by the time I get it set up I’ve lost my erection or it is starting to flag so I’m not getting much benefit. I don’t doubt it works — this has more to do with my own fumbling coordination, combined with a lack of erectile staying power during PE, than due to the efficacy of the device.

Instead, I’ve been using the Theraband wrap at the base as a type of tourniquet. I think this is the “wrap thing” that Dance and Bib have referred to in an older post. So they should get the credit. I’ve only done it a few times but the head and upper shaft pressure is pretty intense, more so than when I do ulis with my hands and a lot less tiring too, and I have a very good pump afterward.

For those interested in how it works, get erect to about 80-90%, kegel, then wrap the Theraband tightly several times around your tally as close to the base as possible. You’ll need to hold the wrap once you are finished and can apply additional pressure with your hand if you feel you need it. For further pressure, you can slide the wrap forward slightly or add other squeezes along the shaft with your free hand. I’ve only done this a few times and have limited sets to 3-4 of 5 minutes each with a couple of minutes break between them to allow new blood in. As it is the tourniquet restricts blood flow but doesn’t fully cut it off which would be a bad idea.

Please be careful if you try this exercise — it looks like it wouldn’t take much to pop a vein. I’ve also gotten some discoloration which pretty much fades away after an hour or two. But I can see the discoloration becoming more of an issue if I upped the sets and frequency.

I haven’t measured to see about gains and as it is I’m mostly hanging at the moment as it is. I will turn to these wraps in a more intense way at a later date when I start to focus on girth.

Hey guys,

Well I agree that Bib’s uli thing is by far the best for girth (never heard of Thunder’s, but if it is the same idea then great). In fact, In my opinion this is so obvious that it is not funny. I can’t believe how many people ignore the obvious and want to try other things which are not even close to the same level of effectiveness. That is one of the main reasons I don’t post anymore. What I do is one set of wrap by itself and then the next time use the uli thing.

Everyone has a particular technique but here is mine. I get fully hard and then wrap with sweatshirt material, then wrap with theraband (I use the green because it stretches). Then after it is as tight as possible, I get more aroused and push the wrap towards the base and POW it fully expands way way far and above normal girth. This is totally different than a cock ring because it expands much much much more. Then what I do is wrap again with sweatshirt material and put on the uli thing. Now my penis is ready to totally explode (yep it really does seem like you can burst something). Then I apply vitamin-E oil and put the rice sock over it and tighten it more and more until I can’t stand it. After about 6 minutes I stop the heat and then squeese the head to expand the shaft further (man we are really talking expansion. I do this for about 15 seconds and then rest and repeat for a few minutes. After a total of about 10 minutes I take it off and massage back to full erection and let it rest. I will repeat this every hour or two. This is really really advanced stuff and you have to work up to it.

Anyway, there you go (my opinion of the optimum girth routine). Don’t ask me how much I gained because that misses the point. People grow at different rates so that is not the way to judge a routine. Just think about it logically


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Thanks for the post, Dance.


So, how much have you gained. LOL….

I am coming up on 3 years of pretty constant PE. No more than a few days off at one time. My gains are about a .5 inch in girth and 1.3 inch length. I am definately a slow grower. However, I am now having some fun with pumping. I just started about a week ago, and feel stretches on the outter undershaft skin which I have never felt in both manual and Bib hanging. I believe my slow growth may have been due in part to very thick, not very elastic skin and strong ligaments. Good German stock, Ya!

Dance, or anyone, do you have any resource or internet URL relative to any excersizes one can do in a hot tub ….I have been doing ab work and seem to be building the lower abs area rather than middle and upper. My search engines turn up nada.

whoa whoa whoa??

“Thunder’s Uli thing”?? Has thunder created a uli device?? somebody post a link or something please…

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Not Thunders Uli thing, but Bids Uli thing. I like tallywackers “wrap thing” as an alternative.

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