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Girth and Hanging is it from the crush?

Girth and Hanging is it from the crush?

Just wondering about girth and hanging. If you have an increase in girth where does it come from? Is it that when a bib type hanger crushes the penis when it has time to recover it grows back fatter? That would mean I guess the vac hangers wouldn’t produce much girth because they don’t crush the penis?

I’ve noticed that when I hang for a long time I get a longer skinnier sausage but when I let it recover it seems to plump out somewhat. Is this where my gains in girth will come from.


Good question!

Traditionally many guys have thought that base-girth increases experienced with hanging are a result of the “inner penis” being drawn out via lig stretching. I believe that some modeling by Modestoman suggested, however, that this is anatomically implausible. Maybe, instead, as you say, such girth increases have something to do with the attachment pressure of the hanger itself; many clampers have likewise found girth increases at the point of clamp placement (sometimes more so than up-shaft!), even though, theoretically, this area should be unaffected. There are still many little understood phenomena in PE, and base-girth increases with hanging is one of them. One useful data point in figuring out the mystery, as you say, would be whether vac-hangers are less likely to produce base-girth gains than clamp-hangers like the Bib.

I’ve noticed considerable girth gains when hanging, it’s actually bad, my dick always seems to have blood in it.

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