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Gains when I least expected it...


just a couple of things


First a little disclamer. I haven’t read Bib’s tips regarding this subject so what I’m about to say might have been already said by him or by anyone else. Also, I’m not maried, not even close to it, so what I’m about to say is only empirical or from other person’s happenings.

What I think this shows is that your wives are taking you for granted. That is, they know you’re home, they know you’ll do this, they know you’ll do that. As this happens, the wife is starting to see you not as a husband who has sexual needs (like they do, they just don’t show it) but has a partner who shares the same home and some other things. What this shows is, of course, if you want to break that downward spiral is to break this image inside her head. And to do it you need to change your lifestyle a little.

She’s ignoring you. Sometimes even doing things that gets you pissed of at her attitudes. What you need to do is act like what she is seeing has you are, act like a partner and not a husband. Spend more time with you and /or your friends away from home. Talk to her briefly but not disrespectfully, always showing that if she’s ready for a serious conversation you’re ready too.

When that talk happens, don’t get pissed off, don’t get mad, just show her how you view what she has been doing, how she’s acting, her attitude towards you. Don’t talk about sex. Just ask her how she’d act if you acted the same way towards her.

I don’t know if anyone is going to use some of this, but please, I’m no therapist, what I’ve stated is from what I’ve read / heard about other similar cases. It might not work, and you probably won’t lose anything trying. On the other hand it might work, and I think it’ll be very good to surpass such “hard” times, don’t you?

Hope I’ve helped.



to all,

If you want to really have the best chance to save a marriage that is deeply in trouble, then go to

This site and the books are really the best thing out there in my opinion. My W and I were in divorce court and I was sure that all was lost. Then I came across one of this guys books regarding recovering from an affair (hers, I never cheated in our 8 years). I read everything the guy wrote, including tons of great free stuff on his site. I went to my W, who didn’t want the divorce, and told her that if we did the marriagebuilders program that I would get back with her, but that doing the program was a condition to the marriage… forever. It has worked very well to repair many of the problems we had and I think overall we have a good marriage now (and our two kids I’m sure are happy). My problem is that the sex for me has really stopped over the past six months, so I am not having my number 1 emotional need met. That is the discussion I had with her back in Dec. I basically told her that if she wasn’t going to stick to the deal we made, that all bets were off. That is the night I got the “pity fuck” (thanks Bigger). Since then… nothing (although she has been out of town for 2 weeks). My problem is that she really claims that she is depressed and is starting to go get some help for it. This totally sucks right now, but hopefully when she gets back in town, we can get things back on track.

Sorry to bore everyone, but the best thing you could ever do for your relationship is go to the site I told you. It gives you step by step plans of attack and will really give you some direction.

Please go check it out V.



got this email this morning

“Life is made up of millions of moments, but we live only one of these moments at a time. As we begin to change this moment, we begin to change our lives.

In what moment will you choose to change and enjoy it?

This is your moment now. “

gained when i least expected it!


>gained when i least expected it! <

Have you had new gains?



yeah I’ve had some new gains ,however my dicks still about the same size.

Here’s one of those all time classic stories for you. Well I’m all about living for the moment and seizing the day and in a good mood leaving the house. I figure to take my girl friend out to lunch before she leaves on vacation. So we end up at a place down at the beach eating oysters,clam chowder and assorted other treats. It’s a beautiful day and it’s all good. Romance is in the air and my dick is talking to me. It’s saying f—k her, just f—k her, well right about this time she put’s my hand under her dress…. no panties. OK I’m staying calm but realizing theres no place to go, we walk to my truck and slowing start riding up PCH; well i pull into a State Park pay the 3 bucks and park at the end of the lot. OK, ocean in front of me, the parking lot’s empty so we hop into the back seat for a quicky! I drop my draws she pulls up her dress and before you can say let’s screw were going at it. A few minutes into the deal she assures me shes looking out for anyone and it’s more screwing. Well after about 5 more minutes or so and right in the middle of blowing a load she whispers in my ear the police are coming are we going to jail.

Needless to say the mood got pretty serious really fast and in 2 seconds I’ve got Newport Beachs finest telling me to get out of the car. Lucky for us we both managed to get it together enough to not look like we were doing more than making out.

Well to make a long story a little shorter after threating to take us in he let us go; as a matter of a fact I think the bastard even winked at me as he left, but hell I wasn’t stickin around and once I pull my shit together we both had a good laugh driving back to work.

Hugeness and Vivace hang in there, and Gopher congrads on the gains


just another stupid little slut


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