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Gains started at what weight?

Gains started at what weight?

Hi All,

I Am new to this particular forum. I started using the BIB hanger about 6 weeks ago with very light weight.

I have worked up my weight up to 10 LBs now. From what I have read from the others on this site, some people have improved their weights drastically within a few weeks.

Anyway, here is my question:

At approximately WHAT WEIGHT did you start noticing significant gains?

And for how long had you been hanging at that point?

Thanks much


in general terms were talking about maximum gains of fractions of an inch per month. From what i experienced around 7.5 was where I started to really feel a serious stretch and see my first gains.

At that point I had been hanging for aprox. 3 months.

what is your current routine?


Hey Zep,

My current routine is 3 sets of 20 minute sessions.
(Some days only 2 when I don’t have time.)

That’s an hour of hanging, 5 days a week.
(I Know that BIB recommends 10 hours a week.)
As of yesterday, I started hanging at 10 LBs.

What are your thoughts?

What have your gains and routine been?



sounds like a good start, I posted a hanging log a while back; it summarizes my hanging for last year including weight used and times as well as gains recorded.

With 10 hours a week over a 3-6 month period you should gain, take it slow and easy.

Keep us posted on your progress

I have hung over 20 pounds and am without a gain, so it depends on the person. Some gain with less and others, like myself, need more.



Maybe you could clarify a little.

What weight did you start with, move up to, and over what period of time? And did you try different positions etc?

I for one would be interested to hear any feedback.



My full story is in progress reports at peforums.

I started with 2.2 pounds, am now at a max of nearly 23 pounds (rising fast right now), over a peroid of about 2 years and 4 months. I have tried every hanging angle if thats what you mean.

I was just making the point that everyone will gain at different weights, depending on how resilient each restricting factor is. For example, many have gained from hanging only 2 angles - straight down while standing and sitting. So it may be that having stronger ligs on top than the side ones is a common situation, since the side ligs would be stretched somewhat with a downward pull, but not as much as with more direct work. Then again, if someones side ligs were just as tough as on top it would take more weight and more time if the same 2 angles were used.


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