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Gaining afer hitting the "plateau"

Gaining afer hitting the "plateau"

Well, I don’t really expect any answers but who know? I gained 7/8” fairly quick (couple months) in erect length starting out but hit a plateau 3 months ago and haven’t gained at all since. I have the impression this is kind of typical. For the past three months I’ve been hanging only and try to average 90 minutes every day but nothing. I’ve hung as much as 20 pounds but 15 feels comfortable so I’ve been using that weight. At 15 pounds I get fatigued and then drop down to 12 or 10. Whatever I can handle. I guess I’m just looking for some moral support or encouragement from guys that have beat the plateau. Any one out there?

I suggest a break. Take a month or two off to decondition, then hang in a different position.

Here is one thread about breaks.

Yeah, I agree with Hobby.

Your ligs and tunica are now probably like kevlar and all thats going to happen is your going to get more disheartened and maybe even injured.

Take a couple of months off and then get back into it.

Thanks for the advice and link to the thread Hobby. Looks like taking a break needs to be part of the stratagy.


Also, have you checked your LOT? Are you sure you have been hanging at the proper angles?


Yes, I’ve checked. I’m getting tug at 8:00. It was about that when I first started and I’ve been hanging straight down or at a low angle depending on what’s convenient.

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