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Fundiform Ligament (ouch!)

Fundiform Ligament (ouch!)

So I am up to two sessions of hanging a day now.

I don’t know if this is my fundiform ligament that is stressing or what. It’s the area to the left and right sides of the pubic area as it runs up to my abdomen. Man, it’s really getting sore on one side!!

Talk to me. Do I want this lengthened or am I screwing up?

sounds right


Your doing it right, keep hanging till your at 1/2 your max for aprox one set or so then take a couple days off.

What I’m trying to say is if 10#’s is your max for one 20 minute set and your feeling it big time. Then reduce the weight so you can continue to hang for one aproximately 20 minutes set at the lower weight. Consequently when you get down to aproximately 1/2 your max (5#’s) for less than a full 20 minutes it might be a good time to rest.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks, LedZep. You’re the first one to explain a little of the fatigue/drop weight idea to me with an example. I really needed that.

Today I think I started to get into some good fatigue. It got pretty nailbiting at the end if I slightly moved. UGH!

So what you are saying, if I have this right, is that you know you are at fatigue status when you hang your first set at max and REALLY feel it. Then for the next set drop. OK, so after a rest day or two, it should probably take me a few days to get back up to that fatigue again? As in, early in the cycle I am a tough boy?


You may hang for several days or weeks before you start to feel it. Subsequently at this point consider lowering the weight rather than taking time off. Then in theory if you reach a point where you have lowered the training weight to aproximately 1/2 your maximum hang weight then consider taking a break until you can start hanging close to your max.

The reason I say this is theory is because very few hangers actually reach this point. The principle was developed by Bigger and he was/is in a league of his own as far as ther application of this”theory”.

Your reference to the fatigue cycle sounds right and will vary according to several factors.

This is great info for me too, as I’m trying to get two hanging sessions a day in as much as I can.

I have lowered the weight as I’ve felt these ligs gettting sore rather than carrying on with too much pain.

The one thing with my setp is that it’s a bit hard to see just how much weight I’m using—- spring balance and BTC means turning around to see it, and not being quite sure whether the weight has changed while turning around, if you get my drift.

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So during hanging rest periods means no ADS or Wrapping to let in heal longer? Complete bed rest?

During this rest day(s) you could work on girth however no hanging till the lig soreness is not a issue.


If your sore from hanging lower the weight, you already know that. Have you ever seen one of those cyclist mirrors ?


LOL! This is when PE is getting serious! Attach an elastic band to your waist and put on a little cyclist mirror. Imagine that!

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