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Funcrew's Vacuhanger Tips

Funcrew's Vacuhanger Tips

Hi - I am using a no-pump vacuum hanger and would like to share a couple of things that I’ve figured out from trial and error. My apologies if these have been posted before.

1. Wrap the head of your penis with a 1.5 inch wide X 12 inch long strip of t-shirt cloth. Hold the end of the wrap in place with medical tape, but don’t let the tape touch your skin! Wrapped tightly, it can help prevent head swelling, but it’s pretty hard to get the wrap tight enough over the tip to avoid swelling there. But even a loose wrap makes getting your penis head into the plastic “cup” of the hanger much easier.

2. It’s not that easy keeping the vent hole in the hanger cup from burping air, even with the sleeving material pulled half an inch past the hole. Cinch down the sleeve with tightly wrapped medical tape over the location of the vent hole (the sleeve is still between the tape and the hole) close to the hanger attachment point. This will ensure no sudden loss of vacuum.

3. You must trim all the hairs very short on your penis at least to the part of your scrotum where hairs might still reach into the vacuum sleeve zone. Hairs cause vacuum loss.

4. Wash any lint and loose hairs off the inside of the sleeve. The sleeve must be clean to hold vacuum.

5. I’m married and solve the “when and where” problem as follows: I set my alarm for an hour early. When it rings, I get up, wrap, and put on the hanger. I have surgical tubing attached to the hanger and a foot strap, so that when I straighten out my leg, the tubing is stretched. Then I go back to bed and stretch (hang?) for an hour. When the second alarm rings, I remove the hanger and get up for work. The only disadvantage is that I don’t know exactly how much equivalent weight I am seeing in tubing tension. My ligs and tunica are sore after, so I’m satisfied that it’s enough. When I need more tension, I tie another knot in the tubing to shorten it up.


1. Note that I am not claiming results at this point, just effective attachment of the device

2. I’m still trying to figure out how to DIY the sleeves. 15 bucks for 15 cents worth of tubing for the website’s sleeves is outrageous. If anybody has figured out what material the sleeves are made out of, let me know. Fresh, tight sleeves also help hold the vacuum, but I can’t afford to replace the sleeves at website prices.

3. Did I mention that sleeve replacement is a big problem?

That’s it for now, please post your comments in the forum so another member can share his experience - I don’t check back often enough to answer PM’s in any decent response time.

Good post, man. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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