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Fulcrum Hanging

Fulcrum Hanging

I’ve read through some of the threads on fulcrum hanging. I tried it today for the first time and I liked it, but wasn’t sure exactly how to determine if I was fatigued or not? I was also wondering if it was ok to lean to one side or the other, as my scrotum gets pulled up a bit when I’m in the hanger as my skin comes up around the head nearly covering the glans. I also noticed that if I moved to the left a bit there would be a “rolling” feeling, and it made me slightly nervous as it wasn’t all too comfortable.

I was wondering about the placement of the fulcrum as well. I noticed if I rolled the pole forward a bit I could feel the tunica being pulled out a bit more, similar to SO. I moved my legs up creating a higher angle and I couldn’t feel much at all. I was using five lbs to experiment with today, so maybe it’s getting into a groove and continued experimentation.

Anyone with experience who could offer pointers would be much appreciated. I really think fulcrum hanging is what I need to finish out my length work.

Here are some pictures of fulcrum hanging.

I’m not sure what you mean by lean to one side or another.

I was wondering about the placement of the fulcrum as well. I noticed if I rolled the pole forward a bit I could feel the tunica being pulled out a bit more, similar to SO.

I don’t have much choice where I put the rod. If too far back it makes my balls ache (a problem with heavier weight), and I don’t have room to move it very far forward. Rolling the rod forward, as you mentioned, is a good way to provide some more skin slack between the rod and the hanger. It borrows some skin from the scrotum. I’ve always rolled the rod forward a little when getting into position.

Most of my fulcrum hanging has been done with the whole penis/hanger assembly rotated 90 degrees, alternating sides each set. This helps keep direct pressure off the urethra while targeting each side individually.

I’ve never hung fulcrum exclusively. During a particularly good gaining period my morning sessions were 4-5 sets of “turned” fulcrum followed by 2-3 sets of OTS. I was also doing a few OTS sets in the evenings.

I think fulcrum sets should be limited to 15 minutes maximum. Blood flow is restricted even more than conventional hanging. Monitor temperature and sensation, particularly toward the end of each set.

My CC’s in the area between the rod and my prostate took most of the load. Some guys feel it more in the septum (top of the shaft where the CC’s join). Fatigue builds over time. Adopt a regular routine and give it several days before judging the level of fatigue being produced.

Hobby, about how many hours do you get in of fulcrum hanging?

I’m enjoying the new angle so far, and I think it’s going to get me through to my goal. I’ve been on a bit of a plateau and not being able to reach fatigue using BTC and my lot dropped to around seven and this new angle seems to really cause fatigue rapdily.

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