Fulcrum Hanging

Hello all.

In our last episode our here had discovered that he had incorrectly measure his
LOT and had been lig hanging(BTC) instead of tunica hanging. Feeling sorely
dejected, he decided to quit for a while and just go back to pumping and
jelqing while he licked his wounds. Well, just started fulcrum hanging SO.
Our here has put the rod over his knees and hangs the weight(back down to 10)
over the rod.

Will our hero see new gains? Will he have the patience to work back up to where
he was BTC hanging(20)? Stay tuned true believers as we see how the
amazing koookymeister will handle this newest threat to stop his PE gains!!!!

Any experienced fulcrum hangers give our hero a few tips concerning the
difference between lig and tunica hanging?


Keep working, keep learning