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Fulcrum Hanging Success Stories

Fulcrum Hanging Success Stories

Hello Fellow PE’ers,

I’ve been hanging for the last few weeks and I’m having a hard time making any gains even with the following variations that I’ve done.

-Wrapping Technique
-Attachment point
-Variations of sets and time under tension.

My challenges are now at this point is when I hang SD or BTC, my skin is taking on majority of the weight. I’ve adjusted mid set with my attachment point or wrap so many times to make it comfortable. Anyways, with the hours that I’ve spent under the tension of my weight I’m just curious of the other hanging members that had success with using a fulcrum. For those who did have success can you please lay out the following in your reply?

1. What was the reason why you incorporated a fulcrum into your hanging routine?
2. How long were you hanging before?
3. What was your hanging routine? How long did you stick with your routine?
4. Have you made gains before adding the fulcrum? What were your gains?
5. How did you perform your fulcrum? (i.e. SO hang and used your finger, PVC pipe, a belt, etc.)
6. What was your routine with using a fulcrum?
7. What gains have you made while incorporating a fulcrum?
8. Did you got back to regular hanging hoping that there are still ligament gains?

So these are some of the questions that I would like to hear from other members to gauge how to approach using a fulcrum because I believe that I might have exhausted my ligament gains. I hope to hear someone that might have gained using a fulcrum after they maxed out their ligament gains but then went back to regular hanging to make further gains from there. Anyways, hope I get some veteran members commenting. Thanks brothers!

Current: BPEL - 6.80' - 7'

Current: MSEG - 4.80' - 5.2'

Goal: 9x6

Well, I guess I will take this journey and see how well my unit responds to fulcrum hanging. I will be back in about 3 months. Good Luck to me

Current: BPEL - 6.80' - 7'

Current: MSEG - 4.80' - 5.2'

Goal: 9x6

Did you start hanging with a fulcrum? If so - what kind of fulcrum? Bib’s rice sock duct tape fulcrum have been discussed here in the past.

I currently hang SO with a pulley under my desk.

I use this angle because:

1) I need to be able to effectively multi-task

Sadly, it’s not always effective anyway, but certainly more so than it would be with BTC

2) I’m not interested in lowering my erection angle and fear this might be the result with too much stretching of the ligaments in lower angles

Bib and others seem to be skeptical towards hanging SO since it’s an angle where supposedly both the ligaments and tunica resist together, but I have gained with it in the past. I’m going to take some measurements at 30-40 hours of total hang time and see what my BPFSL is.

I’m considering trying fulcrum hanging if SO shouldn’t give sufficient results.

What is SO?

Before making any hanging gains you’re supposed to hang for skin stretching only to begin with to accommodate actual penis gains.

Also, a few weeks is far from enough time to be expecting any gains, that will take more like months.

Anyways, just some things I’ve learned and read up on when hanging for nearly 4 months straight on a daily basis. But I did not gain anything to my disappointment. Think it had much to do with my wrapping technique and not being cut. But really don’t know as it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason.

If you want some length gains I’d rather recommend a manual stretching session+extending some hours a day. I’ve gotten over 1 inch in gains from that.

Stats as of now: 20 cm BPEL/ 14 cm GIRTH. Started out at: 16 cm BPEL/ 11.8 cm GIRTH.

Originally Posted by postcarnival
What is SO?

SO = Straight Out

Current: BPEL - 6.80' - 7'

Current: MSEG - 4.80' - 5.2'

Goal: 9x6

I tried fulcrum hanging earlier this week and it was NOT comfortable. Seems like you need a very long flaccid penis in order to get a good fulcrum going with the Bib. Alternatively, use a very small fulcrum (I used a vitamin pot).

How much weight have you been using? I think it’s recommended to stay low weight and hang at lower angles when starting out. If you have conditioned your dick from manual exercise prior to beginning hanging then a higher weight might be needed, but I don’t think you should resort to fulcrums just because you haven’t seen gains after a few short weeks.

Are you using heat? If you don’t have the means of keeping heat during your sets the least you can do is take a hot shower before a workout and run hot water on your dick. Then do a hanging set right after you get out.

Also, it seems like you have been doing a lot of adjustment and experimenting. The first few weeks are for that exact purpose, so it is reasonable to think that you have not gained because you haven’t found a comfortable routine that works.

My advice, and I must admit I too am new to hanging so take what I say with a grain of salt, my advice is to find a some wrapping and hanger settings that work for you and stick with those for at least two more weeks. After those two weeks consider adding a bit more weight if you feel up to it.

From what I’ve read fulcrums should be done once you have acclimated to higher levels of stress. If you jump into an advanced hanging exercise too quickly you could run the risk of injury, and that will only set you back.

I am willing to bet that you have potential gains from plain, simple, BTC and SD and SO hanging at low weight. The key is to be consistent every day for as much time as you can afford. But since you sound like you have already made up your mind about fulcrums I wish you the best of luck.

Started 2016: 5.5 BPEL 5.0 BG

Now 2018: 7.10 BPEL 6.0 BG

Τέλος: 7.5 NBPEL 6.25 BG

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