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Fulcrum hanging methods

Fulcrum hanging methods

After a couple years of hanging now up to the highest weight I will ever be able to do with a vacuum hanger, I have decided that the only way I am going to get any more growth is through use of fulcrums.

The thing is that I don’t really know how to fulcrum hang. I know I could use my hand to push up or down on my tensioned member while hanging to get an A or V type fulcrum. But sitting doing that for a couple hours a day seems a bit ridiculous. I understand some people put a pipe in their lap and then run their stretched member over it somehow to get the same effect, but I wasn’t sure how people are able to create a “tall enough A” if you know what I mean with this arrangement.

Basically, could someone point me to or just tell me some good approaches to getting a really good fulcrum action going while hanging? I like to hang straight out. It would be extremely useful if I could find some way of continuing to do this except with the additions of fulcrum from the bottom + each of the two sides (three directions each direction done separately) in some kind of hands-free fashion. For some reason my searching doesn’t seem to come up with much as far as specific ways of creating these fulcrums. Especially on achieving sideways ones.

How much weight can you handle with the vac hanger, and for how long?

Later - ttt

I have to wrap my head with tape to do 25 minute sets. I can do about 4 sets of 12.5lbs per day if I sacrifice basically everything else in my life besides work and eating. Even with the elaborate taping I still get considerable swelling and doughnut. It’s a real hassle. But I have far too much uncircumcised skin to use anything like a Bib. I also already have enough discoloration that I don’t want to get any more from something like Bib even if it could be made to work. All the taping, removing tape, warm-ups, waiting for swelling to go down, etc is huge pain. Yet I get zero gains from it all. Anything else like stretching as hard as I can gives me no fatigue/strain in member whatsoever. I definitely have the very tough “cord” of upper part of tunica that several people have been talking about in threads like this.

Also, my problem isn’t that I need a deconditioning break or anything. I’ve had several decon breaks and they never work no matter what length they are. I also have, at this point, had enough long uninterrupted periods of truly being consistent enough to know that inconsistency isn’t the cause of my lack of gains either. I basically got newbie gains for about 6 months and now have been utterly stuck for over two years no matter what I’ve tried. The only thing left seems to be fulcrum hanging.

I’m curious if fulcrum hanging works too. Like produces decent gains. I’m doing a form of it but it’s not hands free, so I’ll see how I get on.

Also I think 12.5lbs is to little weight after so long. I’m sure with a better hanger and superior wrapping technique you could hang more and get gains. Concerning your fulcrum if you just get the pipe put it on your lap, along your thighs and then hang over that it should stay in place and work fine. Just make sure it’s long enough that it won’t slide to either side and have the weight come crashing down. So do you understand what I mean. You place your dick over the pipe/object then let the weight hanger hang down. I haven’t actually tried it but I believe that’s how it’s done.

Did you ever do fulcrum stretching? (V and inverted V stretching)

I have tried V and A stretching but I just can’t get any fatigue (anymore) other than in my hands doing manual stretching exercises.

Any other suggestions? Do people hit the sides while hanging at a desk in any way? Anyone know of arrangements whereby one can sit at desk basically hanging straight out but having fulcrum pushing on side of dick? This is what I would like to know examples of the most. But just general different methods for achieving fulcrum hanging would all be very useful. Is it the case that people mostly just hang with the weight basically being like hanging straight down (ie no pulley or anything) but with a dowell or rod or whatever suspended across lap serving as fulcrum? If so, I guess I’m just surprised people don’t use other methods more as well.


With pulleys you can fulcrum to the side. I haven’t set it up yet, but I do think theres going to be more gains vs just fulcrum in the downward direction.

There’s seem to be a lack of experienced hangers posting in this forum these days. Well I have no knowledge of what it was like before but doesn’t seem to lively. I assume anyone who knows exactly what they’re doing have either build their huge unit and don’t bother staying involved or, they have the knowledge and are spending all of their time hanging perfectly.

And vkn1 concerning the rod suspended across the lap, it’s simple and apparently effective, so why complicate things? But if you can hang to the sides I would definitely do that. I know from experience in manual and weight aided manual stretches, going at the sides is far far more intense.

You can also hang on an “angle”. IE: the rod going across your lap does not need to be parallel, but at say a 45 degree angle. This will hit the fibres from a different angle. To get a “side” stretch with a downward hang you can incorporate a little twist into your shaft.

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