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From the hanging tutorial.

From the hanging tutorial.

I got this little tid bit of information off of the hanging tutorial here at Thunder’s: “When the penis is stretched, the blood vessels will be restricted, reducing flow but not cutting it off completely. It is important to ensure that the glans do not deepen to a blue color or become cold, indicating a loss of blood flow. Penile cells will die in a little over 20 minutes with no blood flow, so avoiding restriction of blood flow and limiting sessions to 20 minutes are extremely important.”

Ok, when I hang, my head always gets cold quick, but does not turn a deep blue color, it hardly changes color at all! So, this confuses me; does a cold head mean I have “no” blood flow? It doesn’t seem so, but then again, I don’t know.

What do you guys think?

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

When the blood-flow is restricted for too much time, it will become cold (not “less hot”), then darker, then you start feeling numbness. If none of these things happens, I think you are doing in the right way.

Thanks Marinera for your reply; but it does get cold. I just don’t get much color change. I haven’t noticed any numbness. I hang for 4-5 sets of 15 minute sessions with 10lbs; I warm up with a 5lbs for 10 minutes. Typically I will have 5 minutes of break time between sets.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

I don’t know how long you’ve been hanging, but I believe I have some input you may find helpful.

—Vascular Structures Need time to Adapt—
Your tissues just need to adapt & develop the vascular structures to keep blood flowing to your glans while you hang. I’m on my 3rd week of hanging & my glans still gets cold. I don’t think I’ll be alarmed unless this continues into the coming weeks.

—If You’ve Been Hanging A While With a Cold Glans…—
If you’ve had plenty of time for this adaption and your persist in getting a cold glans while you hang (I don’t know how much time this should be—let’s say 3 weeks…)—it might mean you’re wrapping too tight. I believe I’ve read that you don’t want a super-tight wrap. It’s ok for the wrap to be slightly loose, but you want the hanger attached tight (I assume you’re using a wrap with a bib type attachment hanger—otherwise, I don’t know if you could even see your glans while you hang).

You’ll have to keep improving your attachment technique & let your penile tissues slowly adapt to having tighter & tighter hanger if you plan on moving up in weight.

I use the Captn’s wench, and I wrap moderately with two layers of thin mouse pad. I’ve been hanging for a week.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

I think you’ve got your answer now. Your body just needs time to adjust.

Even if you wrap correctly, it can take a few weeks for your body to adapt. If you’re concerned, I think the only thing you can do now is get your wrap perfect. And early in your hanging career a cold glans is normal (I know for sure weeks 1-2). If you’re feeling pain/ serious discomfort, there could be something else wrong—

Anyway, I’ve only been hanging a little longer than you, so there’s not much else I can say.

Blink2000, thank you for your reply, it does make sense; I will monitor the temperature for the next few weeks and see if things are better.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

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